Why I Switched To ConvertKit From MailChimp (And You Should Too)

We all know the importance of our mailing list but does your provider give you everything you need? Are you trying to build a business while still using budget tools? This is why I switched to ConvertKit from MailChimp and why you should too.

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We all know the importance of a mailing list and have heard time and time again ‘the money is in the list’ which is why I dedicated so much time to trying to work out the functions of how to make my mailing service shine… but I kept hitting a brick wall. And ultimately why I switched to ConvertKit from MailChimp.

So here’s the quick overview of some of the differences for those who aren’t aware…

MailChimp is the happy little monkey that everyone has loved. Beautiful emails, simple to use and a free account for your first 2000 subscribers. It honestly is a brilliant starting point for anyone wanting to create a list and it is still the one I recommend to my small business clients who are starting out in growing their list. It has automation sequences (paid feature) and was where I built my first hugely successful email challenge which still runs today.

Then there’s the new kid on the block – ConvertKit. While it’s not quite as pretty in your inbox, ConvertKit is an absolute beauty behind the scenes. Created by Nathan Barry, a blogger, for bloggers, ConvertKit is one powerful tool to have in your arsenal. While the ability to tag and segment with ease is a major drawcard, nothing compares to how much I have fallen in love with the ability to create multiple opt-ins, to run at multiple times and have the conversion data right at my fingertips… bliss…

Now, as a blogger, my single biggest focus is growing my email list. The people on my list are my virtual best friends – they listen to what I have to say, they give me feedback when I ask for it, they talk to me about their biggest concerns in life and business so I can create products to help them and we chat like we are sitting at a cafe having coffee and cake…

So why do I think ConvertKit is the best option for me?

Multiple Opt In Forms

This is probably the most amazing part about ConvertKit. Previously, if I wanted to create a particular opt-in (such as a free ebook for every subscriber) this was quite a simple thing to do. However, if I wanted to have a free eBook opt-in, AND an email challenge opt-in at the end of a post, AND a content upgrade opt-in at the end of a different post, it all became an overwhelming nightmare.

Not with ConvertKit. You can create as many opt-in forms as you like and have them running anywhere you’d like on your site. If you have a look around here on my site you’ll see different opt-in forms all over the place… some are to my general mailing list to receive The Femme Report, others are for content upgrades – especially for my business posts, and I even run an entirely different form for people who are interest in my one on one coaching services.

I absolutely love that it only takes a few minutes to set up and with the ConvertKit plugin, you can add any opt-in you choose to the bottom of your post with a few simple clicks. No code!!! (Check out the bottom of this post to see how pretty they look!!!)

Another great feature to this is the ability to easily add your opt-in (eBook. worksheets, image downloads) to be sent out as soon as someone subscribes. You add it right into your opt-in form and don’t have to worry about setting up a separate automation. Love it!!

We all know the importance of our mailing list but does your provider give you everything you need? This is why I took the leap and switched to ConvertKit from MailChimp and what I love so much about the program.

Landing Pages

I haven’t taken full advantage of this feature yet but I am so excited to start using it!!

From what I’ve heard, you can use the landing pages within ConvertKit as an alternative to LeadPages… big call….

While I’m sure LeadPages has a huge number of features, being able to create a landing page with a strong call to action using ConvertKit is a huge benefit.

Easily Tag and Segment

This is another one of my favourite features. I honestly struggled with the segmenting and attempts to divide up my list on MailChimp… I literally spent hours and hours trying to figure it out before giving up. ConvertKit makes this a breeze…

You can use Automations to set up triggers to add a tag to a particular subscriber. For example, for my 11 Day Challenge, I can set up two tags, one that adds a tag when a user subscribes to the challenge, and one when a user completes the challenge. This way I know I can engage with those that have completed the challenge and may want to send them a different broadcast (email) than I would to those who are currently within the challenge.

Segmenting isn’t an area I’ve delved into too much yet because the tagging capabilities are just so powerful. It’s amazing.

Only Counts Each Email Once

Want to save some serious money? I was getting a little frustrated with having the same subscriber on many different lists, and being charged for each and every one of them – even though it was the same person. When your list is just a few hundred this might not be an issue but when you start moving up into the thousands, and you have duplicates of many of these, then you can be bumped up into the next price bracket quite quickly…

With ConvertKit, one email address for your subscriber will always be counted as just one. They can be on 10 different lists and subscribe to 10 different things, but will always be counted as just one person. Winning!

Conversion Data Easily Found

Ever wondered how many people actually see your opt-in form? Or how well it converts? This data has previously been so difficult to access (usually resulting in trying to calculate through Google Analytics the number of pageviews and then the number of subscribers… it just gets messy). With ConvertKit it’s right in front of you.

This is such an important metric. It allows you to determine, with accuracy and not just educated guessing, which of your opt-ins is performing best and which doesn’t perform quite so well. It also allows you to work out if a landing page converts better or a pop up (all of which it allows you to do too… slide up’s, pop overs… all of them!!).

The only drawback….?

It’s not quite as pretty…. which initially made me a little sad, but then I started reading articles about open rates, click through rates and conversion rates of emails and found that for the large part, people don’t want fancy looking emails.

From what I’ve read, emails that look more like something your friend would send you have much higher conversion rates – which I found incredibly interesting.

Appearance wise it would be awesome if in the future a few different templates become available and some extra design elements are added, but to be honest, all of the positives significantly outweighs this one little drawback.

When I switched to ConvertKit from MailChimp I knew it would be a bit of a leap of faith. ConvertKit was a little more expensive than what I was paying with MailChimp and I was worried about how much time it would take for me to work out the system. But it has all certainly paid off.

I’ve been able to create specialised opt-ins that I love, tag my list so I can send specific emails to specific people, and it’s made me fall in love with my list all over again.

So I challenge you… ask yourself what it is you want out of your email provider? Is the one you’re using easy to use? Does it allow you to do what you want? Because if you’re not happy, there’s always something better out there. I found that ‘something better’ in ConvertKit and it has been worth every cent.


  1. I am a new blogger in search of the best platform for my e-mails. I have experience using MailChimp but have heard lots about convertkit and I am not sure if I should just jump right in or if that’s silly for a new blogger. I would love any feedback you may have on this 🙂

    1. The best advice I can give is to go for the best platform you can afford. If you can and are willing to pay the $29/mth for ConvertKit then it would be the best investment you could make. It has allowed me to grow my list so much and as a brand new blogger (or any blogger) growing your list should ALWAYS be your priority. Your blog is looking fantastic by the way – loving all the whitespace and how simple the format is. Makes it very pleasant to read 🙂

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