What You Should Never Sacrifice For Your Business

We all know that running a business means making sacrifices, but there are just some things you should never sacrifice for your business. And here's why.

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We all know that running a business means there’s going to be some sacrifices. Maybe you won’t be able to buy your take away coffee everyday or go on that vacation you were planning. Perhaps you miss out on some social events because you have a deadline you’ve set yourself or because you have a product you’re launching. Either way, when it comes to the crunch there are going to be some things you want to do, but just can’t.

However, there are also some things you should never sacrifice for your business.

Time For Your Family

If anything, when you’re running a business, family time is even more important. Time with your family is like a big reality check. It reminds you why you’re doing what you’re doing. For most of us, our motivation for our businesses, our big ‘WHY’ relates to our family. So why would we sacrifice our time with our family in order to get there?

This time also allows you to step away from your business, remove yourself from the fog and gain a little clarity. How many times have you been so caught up in what you’re doing, what needs to be done, what emails need to be answered, what clients need to be attended to…. that you forget there’s actually a whole world outside of your little bubble.

I’m not saying you can’t spend a lot of time in that bubble. I love that bubble. It allows me to be super productive and channel all of my energy into growing my business. But without regular time out, that bubble can become less and less productive and you wonder why you even started this in the first place.

Family time is so important. Nothing should ever get in the way of it, especially your business.

While you may not be able to attend every family BBQ or get together, you can make sure you schedule time in. If you really can’t make it when your family asks you, let them know why but arrange a time and date right then and there that you will be able to spend with them. And keep it. Don’t cancel, don’t reschedule. Keep it. Just as you would keep any important business meeting.

Ideas For Family Time:

Organise a Family BBQ: invite extended family around and block out an afternoon for it. You’ll be able to catch up with a bunch of family at once and have a great meal together.

Have a Recurring ‘Date’ With a Family Member: every single week I have a cafe date with my son (he is two) for a babycino for him and a coffee for me. It’s such a special time and he gets so excited about it. I also have a coffee date with my Nan once a fortnight too.

Give Yourself Daily Time Out: one of the greatest things about having your own business is that (sometimes) you can set your own work hours. Rather than working 9 – 5 everyday, perhaps you could break up your day, work while the kids are sleeping in the morning, take the afternoon off between 3pm and 8pm then work again after that? Trial a few different schedules to see what works best for you.

Time For Yourself

This one is so easily overlooked. The time for family one was a little bit obvious – I bet you even had that in mind when you started reading this post. But this one – time for yourself, is actually even more important.

What?? Yes, yes it is.

There is no way you can run a successful business, have a family life, maintain a relationship, be an amazing mother and be you – without some serious self-care.

You’re not alone in thinking you have to do it all, it seems to be something that’s hardwired into all women. Work hard, then work harder. We run ourselves into the ground and then wonder why we get sick or tired or burnt out. We have this need to always be busy, we are obsessed with busy. But it’s not doing us any good.

Needing to take time out isn’t new information, we’ve all been told it before. But it’s actually doing it that is the challenge. That’s why you need to make it a priority.

Just like we schedule in time for tasks to grow and maximise our business, so too should we schedule in time for self care. Because I promise you, if you are feeling fantastic about yourself, your health and your wellbeing, then your business will grow in ways you couldn’t have possibly grown before.

Self care makes way for positive mindsets, for achieving goals and for creativity. You should make sure that self care and time out for yourself aren’t things you are sacrificing for your business.

Ideas For Time For Yourself:

Be Pampered: this is probably the most obvious one and perhaps the most difficult to actually do. Make the most of your hair appointments and get your nails done too. But make sure you don’t take any work with you. Get a massage to help relieve tension and stress or spend a few hours at a spa. Even just a mani/pedi can make you feel amazing.

Go For a Walk or Take a Class: we all know we are supposed to exercise but how often do we use the excuse ‘I’m too busy’ to justify why our yoga pants haven’t actually seen a yoga class in a long time? Schedule in a morning walk or a weekly yoga class (or Krav Maga – whatever makes you happy). Set a realistic goal of how often you’d be able to take time out for this and just do it.

Treat Yourself to a Lunch Date: Table for one? Absolutely!! Why not? If there’s a nice new cafe or restaurant you’ve been meaning to try out, or even your long standing favourite, treat yourself to a nice lunch (or dinner) out and enjoy the quiet time. Leave your laptop at home, turn your notifications off your phone and just enjoy the slower pace.

We all know that running a business means making sacrifices, but there are just some things you should never sacrifice for your business, no matter how much you want to succeed. In fact, sacrificing these things will probably make it more difficult for your business to flourish.

So while sacrifices definitely need to be made in order for your business to grow, make sure you’re not sacrificing the important things, like time with your family and time to take care of yourself.

What sacrifices did you make to get your business up and running? Do you still make such large sacrifices today?


  1. I’m starting to plan my business and I really appreciate the fact I’m reading your post right now! You are right, being sucessful doesn’t mean you have to give up on everything to make it happen. Balance is a good thing, but sometimes tricky.
    xoxo, Sofy’s Galaxy

    1. Thanks so much for your comment – I love that you’re starting to blog again after having some time off (and love the colour of your hair in the profile pic on your blog!!). Balance is definitely tricky, and it doesn’t just happen right away. It takes a bit of practice and constantly being aware of what your needs are. Good luck with your new business plans. xo

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