What You Can Buy For Your Blog (By Giving Up Your Daily Coffee)

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I’ve fallen into this habit lately of buying a coffee every day. Well really, I’m buying one for me and one for my hubby so that’s $5 x2, every day. We have an awesome local cafe that I love and I really do enjoy our daily coffee dates but…. I did wonder how much I’d be able to spend on my blog if I didn’t buy my daily cup of joe.

Buying my coffee every day means I’m shelling out on average $150 a month ($300 if you include my husbands). While I realise most people aren’t buying their takeaway latte’s on a daily basis, I wanted to just put in black and white for you where you can gain an extra few dollars to invest in your business if you just make a few caffeine related sacrifices (maybe you’ll just have to make a coffee at home a few days a month).

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Canva for Work

Cost: $10 per month Cups of Coffee: 2

If you haven’t’ already discovered Canva then you need to get onto that right away. Canva for work is even better. Canva was created to make graphic design easy for everyone. You can create a design template that will transfer across all different mediums and ensure your branding is kept consistent and looking amazing. You can also edit photos with Canva Photo Editor too.

Self Host Your Blog

Cost $3.95 per month Cups of Coffee: <1

Self-hosting with a company like SiteGround (that’s who I use) costs less than a coffee per month and can make all the difference to your site. Self-hosting means you can use a platform like, the gold standard of blogging platforms.

Another option for hosting is Bluehost. While I believe their prices are comparable to SiteGround, I do believe SiteGround hosting is superior. However, I understand a lot of bloggers starting out LOVE Bluehost and they do have fantastic deals running from time to time.



Cost: $29 per month Cups of Coffee: 6

I know ConvertKit is a little bit of an investment, and I know you can use MailChimp for free but honestly comparing the two is like comparing apples and oranges… both are fruit but….. they are so different. ConvertKit is seriously amazing. When I started getting serious about my email list I switched to ConvertKit . Find out more about why I switched here.


Professional Theme 

Cost: $35 – $70 Cups of Coffee: 7 – 14

There’s nothing more important than the first impression your website gives and having a professional looking theme will make this happen.

Creative Market Fonts and Design Elements

Cost: $5 – 40 Cups of Coffee: 1 – 8

Creative Market is seriously one of my most favourite places to go shopping. You can purchase anything design related from fonts to vectors, complete website themes to mockups and design packages. You can even purchase stock photos from here too. It has everything. One of my favourite things is when they have bundle deals (like this one) that showcase a ton of elements for a super reduced price. (Warning… it’s super addictive)

You don't have to spend a fortune on your blog to make it amazing. Plus, there's a whole heap of smaller things you can buy for your blog by simply giving up your daily coffee. Blogging | Blogging Tips | Blogging Hacks | Blogging Advice | Grow Your Blog | Monetize Your Blog | Blog Traffic

Amazing eBooks

 Cost: $3 – $20 Cups of Coffee: <1 – 4

I’m a massive fan of educating yourself and believe you should always be learning. I’m kind of addicted to eBooks at the moment and have read some amazing ones including ‘Launch’ by Jeff Walker, ‘Gifts of Imperfection’ by Brene Brown and ‘Virtual Freedom’ by Chris Ducker. I always have a set allowance for eBooks each month (usually between 6 and 8 coffee’s worth) and keep everything in my Kindle app so I can access my books at any time, from any device.

A Working Coffee Date For Yourself

Cost: $35 Cups of Coffee: 7

Rather than purchasing a coffee every day for a week, why not treat yourself to a cafe coffee date (with lunch) where you have a working break. A working break? Yeah – I said it. Take a break away from the norm, sit down and enjoy the creativity of a new environment.

I often arrange to block out a few hours where I can just go to the local cafe and work on new ideas and brainstorming sessions. I don’t allow myself any wifi so I’m not distracted by social media and emails and I just get work done.

These are just a few small ideas to get you thinking of things you can buy for your blog. The idea isn’t to always give up your coffee, it’s to think about what areas you can cut back on in order to invest in your business. Set yourself a goal of what you want to buy then make sure it happens by skipping your latte and putting the cash aside for your new investments. I promise it will be worth every cent.


    1. Thanks so much Cassie. Which eBook did you buy? I’ve been on a bit of an eBook binge lately – have given up my coffee’s for the last two weeks and have purchased some new reading material. Loving it. Mailchimp is amazing – do you have the free version already?

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