8 Ways To Capture Leads (That Don’t Involve PopUps)

With Google's new view on popups are you freaking out about ways to capture leads? Don't stress! I've got your back with 8 ways for leads to love you today.

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This week Google announced a new stance it will be taking on SEO rankings and the role popups will play from January 2017. Essentially the crux of it is that people don’t like popups on mobile, and Google wants to please people. Because of this, sites using invasive popups will soon be penalised by Google.

(BTW, most popups are considered invasive, regardless of content. It has more to do with the amount of screen space it takes and how long it takes for a user to reach the content they have searched for.)

This isn’t the first time Google has gotten a little defensive about user experience of websites for mobile users. They have also penalised websites in the past that haven’t been mobile friendly and favour those that give the user a simple, straightforward and enjoyable experience.

So I can hear you right now… ‘But popups work!! What on earth am I going to do now?’

Never fear! Not only do you have until January 2017 to work towards changing your tactics (as am I), there are also a ton of other ways you can effectively capture your leads.

So here’s a list of 8 super effective ways to capture leads, that don’t involve popups.


While HelloBar does have options for a popup and for a screen takeover, their main feature, the HelloBar is unobtrusive and therefore complies with Google’s new guidelines. It’s super simple to setup, easy to customise and has a free option! Winner.


This has to be one of my favourite ways to opt-in and will be something I have used extensively on different sites. Lightboxes, like LeadBoxes from LeadPages, gives you the ability to show a popup that ONLY shows when someone clicks a link.

As far as we can tell with Google, this will be a perfectly fine option as it has been triggered by a user action, rather than showing without an ‘invitation’ to show it. Here’s an example:

Strategic SignUp Forms

Choose where you show your signup forms with ConvertKit with their awesome WordPress plugin. All you have to do is choose from your signup forms at the bottom of each post you create and you can customise your opt-in form based on the post your visitor has just read.

This targeting gives you greater conversion rates and a more dedicated and targeted email list. Win!

Ask For A Referral

Chances are those who are on your email list already know someone else who they think would benefit from being on your list too. So why not ask for a referral?

Create a landing page just for your referrals to be sent to that has a variety of your content upgrades and examples of your best work. You need to sell yourself for the awesome person you are!!

Then send out an email to your list asking them if they know of anyone who they think would LOVE to hear from you. Ask them to pass on the link or forward the email.

Referrals from friends are strong leads. People trust their friend’s referrals and as such will immediately have a higher level of trust with you.

With Google's new view on popups are you freaking out about ways to capture leads? Don't stress! I've got your back with 8 ways for leads to love you today.

Content Upgrades

Still showing a ‘sign up to our newsletter’ signup form on your site? Yikes! Offering a newsletter as an opt-in is one of the lowest converting options out there. Think about it. How many emails land in your inbox on a daily basis? Do you read them all? Of course not! You seek out the ones that offer incredibly awesome and super valuable content and open those.

Adding a content upgrade to a post is giving your reader the ‘next step’. Your post has given them step 1, and your content upgrade takes them that next step further. It could be as simple as a worksheet download or as involved as a challenge.

Create a Free Membership Area

If you want to bolster your opt-in you can go for access to a free membership area in exchange for a subscription.

Do you have a bunch of resources you’d like to lock behind a password protected page? Or maybe you’ve recorded some video tutorials that can all be housed in one place? There are so many possibilities when it comes to a free membership area of your site.

You don’t have to overcomplicate things either. Most WordPress themes have the ability to hide a page behind a login and you can set it all up on a page within your site. Super simple.

Make The Most of Your Sidebar

While sidebars aren’t the highest converting area of a site (on mobile they don’t show until the bottom of the page so usually get missed) they are a great area for you to show off your upgrades.

Don’t go wasting precious sidebar space with blogging badges or links to other sites. Use it to show off the awesome content upgrades you have all in one place. Create a pretty graphic in Canva and link it to either a Lightbox or a landing page on your site where your readers can subscribe.

This way your sidebar stays clean and on brand while providing the best opportunity for you to grow your email list.

Dedicated Landing Pages

Where do you send your readers when they land on your site from social media? Why not target them based on where they have come from?

You can update it regularly to include your latest content and because your readers are coming from a specific location, you know they are already loving what it is you have to offer. You can also make sure you include your latest opt-in that is relevant to the referral path they have followed to get to your page.

See… there’s no need to panic over the changes Google is making. While we know popups convert well, we also know that the vast majority of people hate them. Creating a more enjoyable user experience will benefit not only your readers but your brand as well.

With Google's new view on popups are you freaking out about ways to capture leads? Don't stress! I've got your back with 8 ways to capture leads without using popups!


  1. I’m in the process of changing how I approach my email newsletter, and I especially liked your suggestion to create dedicated landing pages for social media. I’ve never thought of that, but I’m adding it to the list. Thanks for the tips (and examples)!

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