To My Son, On Your 2nd Birthday

A letter to my son, on his second birthday. I am so proud of my perfect little man and I can't believe these two years have gone by so fast.

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My Dear Sweet Perfect Little Man,

Oh where have the last two years gone? It really does seem like it was just yesterday when I was bracing myself through each contraction in eager anticipation of meeting you. As each hour went by I remember wondering how much longer it would be…

And then, there you were, laying on my chest, cuddled into me in absolute perfection. I cried because I knew I loved you more than I ever imagined possible. I cried because from that moment forward, my whole world revolved around you.

I love watching you grow, my sweet little man. Your personality is amazing. You are so funny, and so adorable, and you have me wrapped around you little finger (and don’t you know it). Whenever you think I’m sad, or if I’m hurt you try to kiss me better, give me a hug or wave your magic ‘wand’ and say ‘all better now’. And then you tilt your head to the side and give me the cutest, cheekiest grin because you know it always makes mummy smile.

You have grown so much my darling. Especially over these last few weeks. You’re joining more and more words together and getting your message across. You sing songs and tell us what you want to do. You have such a strong personality and boy are you stubborn (which apparently you get from me… who knew??).

You are becoming so much more independent now and while I am so proud of you, it makes me sad to think that you need me a little less each day. But then I realise that you just need me in different ways.

A letter to my son, on his second birthday. I am so proud of my perfect little man and I can't believe these two years have gone by so fast.

Instead of needing me to carry you as we walk around, you need me to hold your hand as you walk beside me. Instead of needing me to pat you to sleep, you need me to kiss you goodnight, tell you I love you and tuck you into bed. Instead of needing me to tell you what we are doing, you need me to give you choices as you learn and grow.

You’re even becoming more independent when we go to the park each week. Learning to climb up the ladder by yourself and even swinging on the big kids swing all by yourself. You absolutely love the days that we get to go to the park and you completely wear yourself out… often sleeping for more than 3 hours when we get home. You may be full on little man but you still need your rest.

As all mothers do, I often ask myself if I am doing enough, am I doing it right and am I giving you everything I can. If you test my last nerve and I get snappy, I wonder if I’ve broken your little heart. Mummy guilt is something I live with all the time, I want to give you everything my little man and I want you to be happy.

What I do know is that you are loved. More than you will ever know. Everything I do is to make you happy, to make you smile and to hear your laugh. I do everything I can to give you the best life possible. You are my absolute world and you make me happier than I even knew possible.

My sweet little Munchy, two years old you are today and before we know it you’ll be three, then four… you grow so quickly sometimes it feels like I can’t keep up. Then you grab my face in your little hands and give me a kiss, you wrap your little arms around me and say ‘Lub you Mummy so much’ and the whole world slows down.

So Happy Birthday, my little man. Grow, play and have fun and always know, Mummy loves you.



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  1. Oh my heart! This is the sweetest post! My son’s first birthday is coming up, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to put everything I’m feeling into words about it. This is the sweetest. Someday your son will be able to look back on this and appreciate your thoughts. It’s funny too, because I call my little guy “Smunchy” (long story) – so I feel like we connect 😉

    This is random, but I’m doing a guest post series on my blog for new moms – would you be willing to write a post for it? If you are, send me an email at, so I can send you more info.

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