Tips To Increase Pageviews: How This Blogger Gained 750,000 Pageviews in Just 6 Months

Bloggers look for the magic formula to boost their traffic. There is no magic, but there are tips to increase pageviews from a blogger who has been there.

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How many posts have you read about elaborate ways to gain an extraordinary number of page views and thought ‘oh that would never happen’. While it’s not a common occurrence, it does happen. And it did happen, to Jay D Gray – Author and now blogger. Rather than keep his ‘secrets’ to himself, Jay has decided to generously share with everyone his tips to increase pageviews. And if you’re expecting some quick formula then I’m sorry, this post isn’t for you.

Jay doesn’t proclaim himself to be a ‘genius’ in the field of blogging at in. In fact, he states that his methods of gaining such a large number of page views are ‘ridiculously simple’. Jay is always bombarded with questions about how he made all of this happen, and I’ve been lucky enough to witness his genuine excitement as his page views have grown and gown. Here are the tips for you, straight from Jay.


I have put this first because honestly, like it or not, without good content you are never getting and keeping good traffic. Sure publishing with the huff post may drive some people to your site but if its a shambles when they arrive, they sure as hell ain’t coming back!

Around 80% of people that land on any web page never come back… You have to try hard to keep the other 20% so work out who your target audience are and stick to it. Stick to it like glue. You don’t have to entertain 7 billion people… Just those who keep coming back.

Quantity of content is also really important to me… Not so much these days but in the beginning I was posting between 7 and 10 posts a week, every week without fail!

Social Media

Has to be the second most important thing but I fear a lot of people here look at it the wrong way. YES these (blogging) groups are amazing for confidence, learning, asking questions, opinions etc etc but they’re really not your best friend for readers.

Unless you are blogging, for bloggers. The target audience here is bloggers. We all blog! So if your blog is about classic cars, get yourself onto every classic car page you can find and get chatting there too! Twitter and Instagram are the only two platforms that drive any traffic to my site really and my number 1 advice there is BE CONSISTENT.

You HAVE to post daily (more ideally) to start getting a following. People are impatient and this world is moving quickly so get tweeting!

Bloggers look for the magic formula to boost their traffic. There is no magic, but there are tips to increase pageviews from a blogger who has been there.


PLEASE work on these. 48% of my traffic comes from people searching for me on Google now… That’s free views without promotion because I put the leg work in at the beginning. LEARN about SEO’s as much as you can. They are so so so so so important!

Invest In Yourself

People aren’t gonna like this one but hey ho. I have dropped a lot of money on advertising, promo teams, marketing seminars, SEO teachers, courses etc etc. The bottom line is there are people a hell of a lot better than me at what I am trying to do and I want to learn, so I have to pay.

I appreciate not everybody has a lot of money but stop drinking Starbucks and start investing yourself instead. Spend $1000, make $10,000 back. A good friend of mine dropped £10,000 on a ONE day seminar the other week… It is invaluable to invest in yourself whatever your budget!

Hard Work

The biggest reason that most will fail… How hard are you working? Again I know not everybody can do it but there has been countless days I have worked 18 hours on my site, over and over and over again. I talk to people and tell them to go talk to people on Twitter… They spend ten minutes and they’re done… No I mean go and talk to EVERY PERSON that interests you that you can find. Reach out to the world!

Hope this has helped guys!

Much love!


There are some incredible tips to increase pageviews in there – I know that I need to work on SEO in particular and it is one of my big movements for 2016 (if anyone has a favourite SEO book or course they’d like to recommend I’d love to know about it).

This has also prompted me to look at how hard I work – am I making the most of every moment and am I working smarter (not necessarily harder).

With all of these tips in mind, what is it that you think you need to work on? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to go and check out what Jay has been up to on Patreon. Jay is a Number 1 Bestselling Author and he is generously offering 1:1 coaching covering building a website, social media and writing in general for just $10. Yeah – that’s right. $10.


  1. After 2 weeks of non stop reading and working hard my blog is live. I’m so scared I will fail but I have read everything there is to know about SEO and I’ve managed to get every dot but one green! Love all these tips

    1. Congratulations on your new blog Amber!! You’re already so far ahead of what I was when my blog first went live – I didn’t even know what SEO was. Jay is adamant that SEO is what has helped him so much, and I hope it helps you too. All the best! xo

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