10 Surprising Things People Don’t Tell You About Blogging

Blogging seems straightforward right? You write a post, hit publish and people read it. These are some of the things people don't tell you about blogging.

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Of all the bloggers I’ve spoken to, they all have stories of things people don’t tell you about blogging. The lessons they’ve learned along the way and that when they look back to the start of their blogging career they had very little idea of the impact (and requirements) that come along with blogging.

For me, it’s not so much about wishing I’d started growing my list from day one, or the traffic jackpot I wished I’d found earlier. It’s about the things that go beyond that – the things you never thought you’d learn or never thought you’d come across.

It’s these 10 things people don’t tell you about blogging that makes you love it and question yourself, and love it again.

It’s Obsessive

Obsessive is probably one of the biggest understatements when it comes to describing how I feel about my blog. I’ve spent an average of 60+ hours per week (sometimes even more) working on building my blog and business. And for a long time that was without generating an income. There’s always something new to learn. A new social media channel to get on, a new design or layout you wish you had. It can be overwhelming.

But once you start seeing results, start seeing people come to your site and reach out to connect with you, it becomes addictive. You want to do more, grow more and create more. Obsessively so.

It’s Lonely

While the online community is always so incredibly supportive and you can pretty much guarantee a chat with someone at any time thanks to global timezones, blogging can still be pretty darn lonely.

If none of your family or friends have a blog (or even know what blogging is) it can feel quite isolating when you want to talk ‘shop’ and no one understands the lingo. There’s no one to jump up and down with when your first blog post goes viral, and no one to break out the bubbly with when you smash your goals.

You can always try to explain things to your family and see if they respond well. Otherwise finding local blogging groups or asking a national blogging group if there’s anyone close by to where you live might help you find that awesome someone to celebrate with.

It’s Hard Work

So, when I started my very first blog back in 2010 I had no idea what a blog really was, or what was involved. I remember spending hours picking out a pretty design in Blogger and setting it all up, writing my first post and then waiting. I wrote my second post… and still nothing. I had no idea why people weren’t coming to my site and no clue as to how to ‘market’ it.

Most blogs don’t make it past the 3 month mark. So if you’re blog has been around for more than 3 months, then congratulations! You’ve made it past the first big hurdle.

Blogging is hard work. It’s frustrating when you break your site accidentally (like I do, all the time), it’s irritating when you can’t make things look the way you want, it’s disappointing when you post blog post after blog post and don’t see any traffic, and it’s difficult when you just don’t know what to do next.

To create a successful blog it takes time, patience and the willingness to learn – a lot – all the time. You’re simply not going to be successful if you want to only blog every now and then, or if you don’t want to put the effort in, or if you’re not willing to learn. It’s harsh but it’s true.

Your To Do List Will Never Be Done

If I could share with you my to-do list right now you’d most likely be mortified. There will literally never be a day when everything is completely done, and that has taken me a long time to get used to.

There will always be more posts to write, more articles to promote, more connections to make and more maintenance to be done.

You Are Not Going To Make Money On Day 1

Anyone who says they made a ton of money on day 1 of their blog going live is either scamming or lying. You’ll find those who claim to do this generally have some type of following beforehand, or are trying to sell you a product that tells you how to make money on day 1 of blogging.

A lot of bloggers take months if not years to see their first income. Blogging is certainly not a get rich quick scheme – but if you are willing to work hard and learn, then you can certainly make a decent income from it.

Blogging seems straightforward right? You write a post, hit publish and people read it. These are some of the things people don't tell you about blogging.

The Comparison Trap Is a Real Thing and There’s a Chance You’ll Get Stuck There

Regardless of how popular your blog is, how many viewers you have, how many people are on your list or how long you’ve been blogging for, there will always be someone bigger and better. And that’s okay. While it’s easy for me to write that comparing yourself to others will never make you happy, it’s something I have done often.

The comparison trap is a very real thing and there’s a big chance you’ll experience it. One of the ways I overcome the comparison trap is to list out my achievements and what I’m proud of. By turning the focus back to my own blog and business I am able to see areas in which I can learn and grow.

Sometimes It Feels Like You’re Going Mad Trying To Keep Up With Everything

Okay, maybe more than sometimes. When you’re in the process of establishing yourself in the blogging world, you will quickly learn you literally cannot keep up with everything. It’s impossible. There is always the next ‘big thing’ and a bunch of people telling you that you’re really missing out if you’re not on it.

One of the most recent being the very quick rise and equally quick fall of Periscope. Yes, some people still use it but Facebook Live has quickly taken over.

Start out with the two platforms your readers are most likely on (Facebook, plus one other) and then go from there. Build up these two platforms and then introduce another one. And automate wherever you can. There are some automation tools that run for free and others that cost just a few dollars each month. A very worthwhile investment.

There Aren’t Any Real ‘Rules’ To The Game

Unlike just about every other business and career, there is no ‘blueprint’ to success. There isn’t a set of rules that tell you what you should be doing and when. And even if you do see someone recommending things to do (like me) you don’t have to listen.

What works for one person may not work for another. And you get to create your own rules. Which can be both exciting and daunting at the same time.

The best thing you can do is find what works for you and be consistent. If you don’t like what you’re doing then change it up. You make the rules.

You Will Love It More Than You Know How To Explain

Sure, there will be days when you ask yourself why you’re doing this, but then you’ll receive an email or a message that makes you smile. A reader thanking you. Someone telling you that you’ve made their day. Or a reader saying that because of you, they took action.

And you will soar. It will ignite that fire again and keep you going.

There’s something quite incredible about creating something from nothing – and that’s exactly what your blog is. It’s your own little space on the internet – your internet ‘home’. You will decorate it, invite others to your ‘home’ and protect it fiercely. You will love your space.

It Can Be Difficult To Determine How Personal You Should Be

Whether your blog is a personal, lifestyle, mummy or business blog there’s going to be splashes of your personality and life throughout it. But the big question is ‘how personal should you be?’ And there isn’t an easy answer.

When you’re talking about your family or personal details about your life, how much do you really want people to know? We know that readers make connections with you when they feel like they know you, but do they really need to know about your IBS or your child’s latest bout of the stomach bug?

The general rule for me is that I don’t share anything I wouldn’t be comfortable with my Nan or Mum reading. And I also don’t share anything I wouldn’t be comfortable declaring to a room full of strangers. This usually keeps a lot of personal aspects of my blog in check.

There’s so much to love about blogging, more than I ever imagined possible. I’d love to know what you’ve discovered and your thoughts on the things people don’t tell you about blogging. Let me know in the comments.


  1. I just love this article!! Thank you so much for writing this article because it means I’m not crazy for trying to do this blogging thing. I’ve had so many frustrating days and learning curves it’s crazy. Some days I’m like why can’t this be easier? Or I’ve got to be the only one on this planet encountering these problems. A lot of other bloggers make it look soooo easy. You’ve made me realize that I’m not the only one.
    Thank you so much.
    I push on.

  2. I think my biggest issue I struggle with is feeling discouraged, because that ultimately leads me to not have that much motivation to even work on my blog. There’s so much behind the scenes work going on, and most people don’t realize even a fraction of it. Thank you for helping me see that everyone struggles with their blog now and then!

    1. Oh Meagan you’re certainly not alone!! You’re right there is SO MUCH behind the scenes work. It’s not as simple as write a post, hit publish and voila!! Find happiness in everything to do with your blog, not just the writing, and you’ll feel less discouraged I promise! I fell in love with creating graphics and creating eCourses and now Webinars, there’s so much diversity available to help keep that motivation going. 🙂 x

  3. Thank you Krystal! I first started blogging in 2005 and kept it up for a number of years but have been “quiet” for a couple of years now. Am in the process of starting up again and it’s wonderful finding other Aussies who are blogging. Sincere thanks again.

    1. It’s such an exciting thing, blogging. I love it. And finding fellow Aussie bloggers is always so awesome. Feel free to send me an email and let me know how you’re going. I’d love to see your blog when it’s all up and running. x

  4. Some really great points. It can definitely be lonely at times. I found myself wishing for someone to discuss future blog ideas and the direction in which I am going more than once, but if you are talking to someone who is not following the same path, it can be slightly difficult for them to understand what you are doing. It happens.

  5. I feel a real pressure to put pretty photos of myself on my blog, because I know that’s what people like to see. But I rarely feel very pretty, and I don’t have anyone to take photos of me. I feel so self conscious about my photography game 🙁

    1. Charlotte, I totally understand. When I first started blogging, every blog I went to had professional pics all over it – you know the kind where the blogger has a dedicated photo shoot with at least 4 outfit changes? Let alone all the amazing pics the post of themselves on Instagram…. But you know what? None of that matters. Honestly. The pic you have on your blog is perfect. It shows you, it shows that you’re warm and caring and it makes me want to sit down and have a coffee with you.

      It concerns me most that you say that you rarely feel very pretty. Is this by your standards of pretty or by others standards? What does pretty mean to YOU? Not what you think other’s believe is pretty… what pretty feels like to you. When do you feel your best? When do you feel unstoppable? And on that note – tell me at least one thing you love about yourself. Because we all have at least one thing. As women we can rattle off a whole bunch of things we don’t like (we seem very skilled at this) but rarely do we say out loud that one thing we love. (For me it’s my eyes… they are really brown around the pupil but then the rest of my iris is green – and when I’m crying they are SUPER green.)

      It sounds like you are so hard on yourself to be perfect… and you’re assuming what you think others want to see in your blog photo. But really they want to see you. The real you. <3 <3 The you that is beautiful with stellar eyebrows, killer blue eyes and that warm, approachable nature. xo

  6. I agree in “You will never finish your To Do List and You will never make money on your Day 1”.

    Everyday, I set a to do list beside me and 15 hours later, I’m still not finished with the list I made so it will be added on the next day. Luckily, I hired my brother (This is legit!, I pay him just a couple of bucks to help me) to manage Pinterest, edit my YouTube videos and some miscellaneous tasks. So I can focus more on working with clients and promoting my blog on Facebook Groups 🙂

    Also, based on my experience, I have been blogging for 2 years now and I just made $$$ last month and it’s after I had turned my blog into a freelance writing website which I love 🙂

    Blogging will have upside downs but it will always be worth it.

    All the Best,
    Jan Limark | Brotherly Creative

  7. Hi Krystal,

    Great post!

    Totally agree. I cannot believe how naive I was at the beginning. I thought that you post whatever crosses your mind and when you feel it and that´s it. Then the rest of the world, all of them, will find the post (somehow) and like, subscribe, comment… I thought it was so easy before having a blog, but it´s really hard work. So, I feel what you mean, especially the “your to do list will never be done”, so true…

    Thanks for sharing, it was great to know that I am not alone.

    Leti | Blackco

  8. Even now, this is an incredibly helpful article that really gets to the grit of blogging. I like the terms you use. Mostly, I like that you express your uncertainty with how personal your posts should be. I see so many different ideas about this from different bloggers. Often on the opposite end of the scale. It’s crazy that there’s so much diversity regarding how to build and maintain a blog. Thanks for sharing.

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