Things I Pretend To Do Each Day

We get so hung up on our to do lists every day and making sure we jam pack as much as we can into our days... but this is about all the things I pretend to do... which is a skill I've come to master. Here's a few things of the things (I bet you pretend to do some of them too!!).

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I have a little confession… I’m really (really!!) good at pretending to do a lot of things… this is a skill I’ve come to perfect now that I’m a Mum. It’s not something I was going to share with anyone because I didn’t want people to find out my little secret. However, I’m sure I’m not the only one…

How Can You Pretend To Do Something?? 

You see… social media has taken over the world when it comes to creating a façade for our lives. Not to mention you can add an Instagram filter and a little blur to make it look like you have perfect skin, only post the highlights of your day to Facebook and make sure you Pin that delicious gourmet, home cooked, 10 course degustation you just made while bouncing a 6 month old on your hip…

But that’s not where the pretending ends…

The conviction is in the confidence… if you confidently go about what you’re doing then rarely do you get questioned.

It's not all about what I do - it's about the things I pretend to do as well which is a skill I've come to master. Here's a few things I pretend to do...

Wait, wait, wait… what on earth do you pretend to do? 

Well my friends… here goes:

I pretend to cook my toddler a healthy lunch for daycare when really it’s usually just left overs from dinner the night before and maybe some peas.

I pretend I’m organised of a morning but really I just run around like a crazy person because I’m too lazy to get out of bed 10 minutes earlier.

I pretend to work hard on my blog for 50 hours a week when half of that is probably spent wasting time on Facebook (darn you Facebook!!!).

I pretend I’ve spent the whole day cleaning the house while Steve is at work but really I just do everything in the last hour before he gets home.

I pretend I don’t hear my son calling out to me so I can finish my cup of tea while it is still warm.

I pretend we don’t have chocolate in the house so Steve doesn’t eat it all.

I pretend that my day job is full on but that’s rarely the case… I’m at work right now, writing a blog post. I haven’t done a single job all day. Which means I’ve spent my 10 hour shift blogging… (or Facebooking…)

I pretend I’m confident but really I want to just look like Evard Munch’s ‘The Scream’.

I pretend I don’t care what others think of me but I sometimes take criticism to heart and it makes me question myself.

I pretend I don’t know every word to every Wiggles song.

I pretend I think my freckles are cute but I’ve had IPL treatment in the past to try and make them fade. I still have freckles.

I pretend I like fashion but I really have no clue… my wardrobe is a mish mash of random things and I just wear whatever I like.

I pretend I can’t reach the light fitting so Steve will change the light bulb for me… (I could always get a chair)

I pretend that I don’t see when my son eats dirt or eats food off the ground or does any other general boy thing…

I pretend that I’m an extrovert when all I really want to do is be at home with my gorgeous little family.

I pretend I’m interested in toilet training my (almost) 2 year old but I really don’t care if he isn’t toilet trained for another year or so.

I pretend to listen to parenting advice from others who have nothing but critical and harsh things to say about my parenting choices.

I pretend to have a deep and meaningful conversation with my friend Tilly when we are both really discussing various things about the people passing us by. We love people watching.

I pretend that I will one day, once again wear the 15 pairs of high heels I have in my cupboard, even though I haven’t worn any of them since before I had my son.

I pretend I’m cranky at Steve for various things but it’s quite rare he ever does something to make me cranky, and even so, I can’t stay cranky at those gorgeous blue eyes!!

I pretend I need to go to the toilet when all I really want to do is sit behind a locked door.

So there’s my scary confessional list of things I pretend to do…. And I’m adding to the list each day. Feel free to share your pretending confessions below – you’d be surprised at how good you feel afterwards!!


  1. Haha These are cute and I do at least half of them! I would add, I pretend I know what I’m doing with my container garden, but really I’m just praying they produce fruit so it furthers my impression of knowing what I’m doing with it.

    I pretend to be happy when I answer my phone, but really I’m saying to myself, couldn’t you have sent a Facebook message/text/email instead?

  2. I just want to thank you for writing this post. It just made me feel about 1000 times better about being a mom. I tend to feel overwhelmingly guilty about the things I would have on this list (many similar to yours). But it’s uplifting to know I’m not the only one who does this! I’m sure we’re all just doing the best we can each day, and even though it’ll never be perfect, it’s probably enough.

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