The Secret to Blogging Faster (Not Harder)

While I'd love to spend all my time on my blog, it's just not possible, so I need to learn how to be blogging faster. This is the secret to making it work.

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I love blogging. Seriously. I could happily work on my blog all day every day and still not be bored with it. But the reality is I have a job that pays me, a son that needs me and a gorgeous fiancé that I’m pretty obsessed with… so I needed to work out how to blog faster, without compromising quality.

Here’s a little confession for you – while I LOVE having lists to keep me organised and have clear outlines of what needs to be done and when, I am a MASSIVE procrastinator. Even writing this post I have managed to get up and go and make myself a cup of tea after finishing the first paragraph. I am so easily distracted that it is a conscious effort to keep on track.

While I'd love to spend all my time on my blog, it's just not possible, so I need to learn how to be blogging faster. This is the secret to making it work.

This was becoming a pretty big problem for me, especially when I first started blogging and would follow the endless trail of information and before I knew it, I was 4 hours down, without having actually achieved anything and had a bunch more things to add to my to-do list. I started searching for how I could be blogging faster.

Then I discovered Time Chunking…

Okay, technically I didn’t ‘discover’ it, I’m sure a lot of people have been using it for quite a while but what I did discover is how well it worked for me.

The idea with time chunking is that you chunk your tasks together – for example, rather than brainstorming a post, writing the content, creating an image for it, optimising the SEO, scheduling your Facebook posts and tweets for the post and doing it all one post at a time, you chunk your tasks together. So, you’d spend time brainstorming a whole heap of posts, then you might spend a few hours creating the content for your posts and just focusing on writing. Then you’d create all the images for those posts.

The main benefit is that once you get into the headspace of doing a particular task, you don’t have to frequently change and therefore you’re able to be more efficient with your time. Being able to focus on one task at a time also allows me to think more clearly about what I am doing.

This is incredibly prevalent for me when I’m writing. For me, writing is mood driven… I have to be in the right mood and in the right frame of mind to create stellar content. If it’s just not working for me, I move onto something completely different such as creating post images. Time chunking works well for this too as you are in the mindset of creating beautiful images and you can just run with it.

Time chunking has increased my productivity and has moved me from being someone who blogs frantically to someone who is blogging faster with what I think is even better content.

Another method I am looking at implementing is chunking my days. For example, at present, Monday’s are used for scheduling my Social Media posts for the week, but I still do a bit here and there throughout the week. If I was to focus my time on a Monday to just Social Media profiles and used the rest of the week to engage rather than curate social media content, then I believe I would also be more efficient.

I am also looking at spreading this across the board such as having Tuesdays as my image creation days, Wednesdays and Thursdays as content days, Fridays as blog maintenance…

What are your thoughts? How do you save time as a blogger? What are you tips and tricks for blogging faster.


  1. I try to do this, and it actually does work if i stay on task, lol. But i actually find that starting my content on my phone and then just editing it later helps on time too…

    1. That’s a great idea with starting the content on your phone!! Do you use Evernote or another program? I love that Evernote syncs to my computer so I use it to jot down post ideas as I go about my day.

  2. I do the opposite. I brainstorm, blog, do images, and schedule, all at once. I find the relief of finishing a post makes me more motivated. And I like not having too much time scheduled ahead. For tomorrow, I only have to write ONE post. That is easier for me to face.

    I still think your advice is great. People need to pick a system that works for them, and yours is a completely valid and effective-for-most-people option. 🙂

    1. I love your approach too – and you’re so right, you definitely need to pick a system that works for you. My biggest issue is that if I tell myself I only have one post to write for tomorrow, I’ll spend 5 hours procrastinating before even looking at it… I’m a procrastinating ninja. I need to bombard myself with things to do!! It’s fantastic that you’ve found a system that works for you – as soon as you find your system everything becomes so much easier. 🙂

    1. I think that’s the hardest part for me – being a moody writer!! It makes it difficult but you just have to seize the opportunity when the mood strikes!! 🙂

  3. This post has been so useful and I look forward to getting my blog up and running using your tips!

    Fellow Procrastinator

    1. Michelle – make sure you stop back here and let me know when you do have your blog up and running. I’d love to see it. Procrastinating is just one of my many skills… haha. 🙂

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