The First 5 Things You Need To Do For Your Blog

Your blog is set up, you're excited and keen to get going... but what happens next? These are the first 5 things you need to do for your blog.

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Your blog is all set up and you’ve hit publish on your first post. You’re excited, you’re keen… and you’re wondering – what on earth do I do next? Here’s the first 5 things you need to do for your blog.

Your blog is set up, you're excited and keen to get going... but what happens next? These are the first 5 things you need to do for your blog.


1 – Set up Google Analytics.

When it comes to analytics and reports of website traffic there is no other that compares to Google Analytics. Quite frankly, it is the industry standard and if you’re not using it then you’re giving yourself a major disadvantage. It is super simple to set up, you can get a dashboard plug in for your WordPress site so you can easily access the basics of your reports and you can even install the GA app on your phone. While there are a lot of bloggers out there who will tell you to not worry about your numbers and to just focus on your content, having GA set up on your site from the get go will give you greater capability to measure your growth and performance in the months to come.

2 – Make it mobile friendly.

I cannot stress the importance of a mobile friendly site. More than half of my viewers here at Perfect Enough For Us are looking at my site from a mobile device. That’s a whole lot of traffic you could be missing out on if your site looks horrible on a mobile device. In addition, Google is starting to penalise webpages that aren’t mobile friendly. Here at Perfect Enough For Us we use the Genesis Framework which means that my template is perfectly mobile friendly right from the start. A lot of templates have a mobile friendly version built into them and ensure you are considering this when you choose your template.

3 – Have an awesome template that you don’t want to tweak too much.

As mentioned before we use the Genesis Framework and we use it with a StudioPress theme. While it is very much a generic style theme at the moment, the Genesis Framework allows for a massive amount of changes to be made, and to be done so quite easily. The site is incredibly responsive, clean, crisp and easy to use. I have big plans for how I want it to look in the future but am also happy with how it looks as it is.

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4 – Add an ‘About’ page and a ‘Contact Me’ page.

You’ve poured your heart and soul into getting your blog up and running and people are going to want to know a little more about the person behind the blog. Your ‘about’ page is your chance to show everyone that you are a real and relatable person. When people fall in love with you, you’re going to want to ensure they are able to get in contact with you. A ‘contact me’ page is the easiest way to do this and there are a bunch of great plug ins to get this sorted for you.

5 – Add a subscribe box.

Recently I have been reading more and more about the importance of having a subscribers list. What better way for people to show you that they love your site than subscribing to it? It took me a while to work out what I was going to offer my subscribers… I didn’t think I would be able to offer a newsletter or free downloads and then I had a great idea. I was going to send out a concise but colourful email of all of the posts that had been on Perfect Enough For Us for the last week. My subscribers have already shown me that they love my work by subscribing – why not make sure they kept up to date with all that had been happening on the site? I also offer little snippets of behind the scenes information. Here at THe Daily Femme we love the Hello Bar option that you’ll occasionally see at the top of the page and love that we can customise it to make it fit seamlessly within out site.

While you may not use some of these elements until later down the track of your blogging life (particularly Google Analytics and your subscribers) it is important to have them there from the start. Get your blog off on the right foot, set yourself up for success by adding these 5 simple elements and thank yourself for it later.


  1. Hi Krystal! 🙂

    Great post! Super helpful and a great reminder on a few things I should be focusing on since launching my blog this past December. Will definitely be checking back 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for your help, I am just getting started with my blog I can use all the help I can get. I to have been reading a lot and trying to figure everything out, I guess its time to just do it! Thanks for your little push, I think I’m ready to do something I’ve always to do create things, help others to create things and in general just be Happy, Thank Donna

    1. That sounds like you’ve got something in the works that you’re very passionate about which is the MOST important thing of all. There is so much to take in but there’s only so much research you can do before you have to start implementing… all the best for you – I can’t wait to see your blog. xo

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