The Biggest Social Media Mistake You’re Most Likely Making

Being successful on social media can be a challenge. Algorithms change, reach is sporadic, but many people are still making the biggest social media mistake without realising how easy it is to avoid it.

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What’s your biggest focus when it comes to social media? Posting at the right time to ensure your content is seen by more people? Perhaps it’s crafting the best content you can – to make sure more people notice it. Is it sharing the right kind of content? Video, images, questions? Or maybe it’s growing your following – boosting those page likes and follows? Whatever it is, I assure you there are many people who are more than likely making the biggest social media mistake.

When we talk about social media we often miss the incredibly obvious element. You are using a SOCIAL network. Too often people are obsessed with getting their content out there, they forget the social side. These people I refer to as ‘broadcasters’.

Broadcasters are the kind of people who jump online to share their content and then they are gone.  More often than not broadcasters only share content relating to them, their blog or their business. Their feed is filled with what they have for you and what you can buy from them. And their biggest mistake is that they don’t converse with their followers.

But they aren’t the only ones making this mistake. Time and time again I see influences who share amazing content from a variety of sources, and still they miss the big point. They don’t converse with their followers.

I heard an amazing presentation last year at a conference that was like a massive light bulb moment. In the words of Jadah Sellner from Simple Green Smoothies ‘No comment left behind’.  This is incredibly powerful – and so incredibly important.

People are following you because they want to connect with you. What’s even more amazing is when they take that next step and take time out of their day to comment on something you have shared. This means that you shared something so moving they felt compelled to respond. This may be moving in an inspirational way, a funny way or in an intellectual way. Regardless, they felt something and they took action in commenting on your post.

Being successful on social media can be a challenge. Algorithms change, reach is sporadic, but many people are still making the biggest social media mistake without realising how easy it is to avoid it.

If you then ignore that comment and don’t respond, what kind of message does that send to your followers. What kind of image does that paint of your brand? Your ‘conversation’ started with you sharing your content, continued with your followers leaving comments and talking to you, and ended when you chose not to respond to them.

This is the single biggest social media mistake too many influencers are making.

This does not show your followers that you appreciate them. It doesn’t show gratitude for the time they gave you when commenting. And it can even be seen as you not caring enough to take time to respond. These are people who have already shown that they love your brand and are engaged with you, and you’re flat out ignoring them.

Now, the reality is that we aren’t going to always have time to reposed to every comment and every message we get. There simply isn’t enough time in the day. However, there can be a happy mix between not responding to any and responding to all.

I see this managed incredibly well with some major influencers with large followings. They often post a question (or any other type of post) and usually answer any responses within the first hour. Which does so many amazing things for them. These are usually people who have hundreds and hundreds of comments but – by always responding to those who comment within the first hour, they have encouraged their followers to turn on notifications for their posts so their comments can be answered. Brilliant.

Another way of managing this is to have a dedicated Q&A post where your followers know their questions and comments will be answered by you.

With the way Facebook’s algorithm works and soon to be how Instagram’s algorithm will follow, it is imperative that we are encouraging conversations on our social media channels. Engagement is the biggest factor in getting your posts seen and if you don’t respond to comments, soon enough people will be less inclined to take their time and give it to you.

Even if you only have one comment on one post per day – reply to them. That one person loves what you’ve shared enough to comment. That’s amazing. Ever influencer started with that one comment, show gratitude for what you have and more will follow.

There’s no doubt we spend more than enough time on social media, so why not make it productive and engaging time? And remember ‘no comment left behind’.


  1. I really enjoyed reading this post. What you said hit home with me, as I’ve been guilty of being a broadcaster. That’s something that I’m really working on changing. I appreciate each and every comment or like I get, and I want people to know that. And you know what I’ve learned? It’s actually fun to connect with readers. I’ve actually been thinking of other ways I can connect beyond social media or sending out newsletters.

    Pinning this to my social media tips board. You’ve given some great advice here!

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