21 Pinterest Trends You Need To Pay Attention To

Pinterest is becoming more and more popular and staying on top of Pinterest trends can help make you a leader in your niche - here's the upcoming trends to watch! Be sure to repin these Pinterest trends, relevant to your audience, to see an increase in your Pinterest reach.

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Pinterest is trending up, in just about every way possible. It’s pretty much the love child between Google and Instagram, with it’s eclectic mix of pins, Pinterest appeals to literally everyone. (Big call, and I’m sticking by it). Even the number of men on Pinterest has tripled in the last year. That’s huge. I’ve been pouring over the release of this report from the Pinterest insights team and thought I’d share with you the top Pinterest trends you need to pay attention to.

But what does this mean for you?

This is an amazing list of trending topics, which means if these are areas of interest to your audience, then these are the pins you need to be pinning in order to increase your reach and get in front of your audience.

1 – All natural drinks you can make at home (407% increase)

There are a lot of health related topics trending that are more focused on our holistic health, especially the ‘all natural’ side of health. This topic includes drinks like kombucha, apple cider vinegar and coconut kefir. A lot of delicious drinks with massive health benefits.

2 – The new topknot (125% increase)

Seriously? I just figured out the last one! Actually, to be honest I didn’t even know there was a whole style around topknots (other than the guys that make them look awesome). But topknot styles are getting repinned over and over again with a 125% increase in repins!

3 -Cold Showers (75% increase)

Another trending topic in the natural health field. The lure of freezing your butt off in the shower seems to be a popular one. Said to increase circulation and have a whole realm of other health benefits… this might be one I leave behind. Haha.

4 – Pyjama dressing (128% increase)

Now this is a trending topic I can get behind! Pyjama dressing are stylish pyjama sets you can wear out in public. You should see them! Teamed with a pair of heels and hair that doesn’t look like you just got out of bed, you’d never know these were your jim jams! Perfect excuse for a pyjama day!

5 – Hygge (285% increase)

Is the danish concept of living simply. Pronounced ‘hooga’ and roughly translated to ‘cosiness’, it’s all about simple living that makes you happy, warm and feel good. Sounds pretty well perfect doesn’t it. With minimalism on the rise, this may just be the next best thing for those who can’t quite let go of their collection of snuggly cushions and throw rugs, anything to promote slowing down and appreciating what you have in life.

6 – Climbing Indoor Plants (200% increase)

Definitely one of my favourite trending topics! I absolutely LOVE indoor plants, but I had never thought of using climbing indoor plants… until now! Adding greenery to your home can make such a massive difference to your mindset, plus there are certain plants that help purify the air. Winning.

7 -Ab exercises you haven’t tried yet (2000% increase)

I didn’t even know there could be more ab exercises, but with a 2000% increase (yeah, that’s two thousand) it seems they are just as popular as ever. And we are still obsessed with a flat stomach and six-pack abs.

8 – Crystal Healing (2000% increase)

These beautiful stones have a lot of power and energy and it seems such a massive increase in this trending topic shows that a lot of people are looking to crystals to learn more about their energy and healing powers.

9 – Personal Branding (50% increase)

With the rise of LinkedIn as a career and business networking tool, personal branding is something more people now know about and want to embrace. We no longer have resumes with a set of skills, we have personal brands that have a complete online presence and more of a ‘whole package’ approach.

10 – Travel on a budget (500% increase)

In my own little humble opinion, while travelling on a budget is always a trending topic, I believe this big increase is to do with the minimalist movement that supports it. While travelling lavishly will always appeal to a certain market, more and more people are realising you don’t have to spend a lot of money to see amazing places (unless you live in Australia, because it costs a small fortune to get anywhere from here).

11 – Cultural Events (1450% increase)

This trending topic makes my heart happy. I love that, generally speaking, we are becoming far more accepting of other people’s cultures. However, this shows more than just acceptance, this shows that we are wanting to learn more and embrace other cultures. Which is amazing!

12 – Taco Tuesday (137% increase)

Does this even need an explanation? Researching this article I actually found out there are way more types of tacos than I ever knew! Did you know there’s chocolate ice cream tacos?? As if we needed another excuse to love tacos even more!

Pinterest is becoming more and more popular and staying on top of Pinterest trends can help make you a leader in your niche - here's the upcoming trends to watch! Be sure to repin these Pinterest trends, relevant to your audience, to see an increase in your Pinterest reach.

13 – Wedding DJ’s (1491% increase)

Watch out wedding singers, the wedding DJ is back on trend! Time to shake that booty and show off your dance moves! Wedding style.

14 – Buddha Bowls (200% increase)

Move over smoothie bowl, the buddha bowl is on the scene. Other than our obsession with eating food in bowls and making it look pretty, there are tons of amazing buddha bowl combinations that are super healthy, and delicious to boot!

15 – Craft and Fruit Beer (43% increase)

Again, I didn’t even know that fruit beer was a ‘thing’ but I love seeing the shift towards craft beer. Not only are (most) people more aware of the varieties of options in our lives, but we also seek out better quality products, and locally mode products – which is where craft beer falls too. It’s also interesting to see predominantly male driven topics on the rise due to the increased male presence on Pinterest.

16 – Reiki (51% increase)

More holistic health! Reiki focuses on energy healing and this ties in well with other trending topics (including crystal healing, essential oils and mediation). There are a lot of pins that focus on how to include Reiki in your life and how to use Reiki healing as part of your overall health.

17 – The anti-diet (42% increase)

No more quick fixes and ‘lose 20 pounds by bedtime tonight’ promises (okay, maybe I exaggerated a little…but still) we are no longer looking for the magic food to melt away fat, but to more of a holistic ‘eat good food and good things will happen’.

18 – No heat hairstyles (35% increase)

All the gorgeous hairstyle trends have taken their toll on women’s hair… the heating, the curling, the straightening and the crimping (you know… in the 80’s…) are all a thing of the past with no heat hairstyles making a stand.

19 – Microblading (255% increase)

Okay, this looks pretty darn amazing. Microblading (for those who don’t know) is the practice of creating small ‘cuts’ along your eyebrow that are then covered with an ink to have a tattoo like effect, making your eyebrows look fuller and on point. There is a major obsession with eyebrows (uh… yes!!) and long gone are the days of pencil thin semi-circles above your eyes. A less permanent option than tattooing and better than drawing your eyebrows on everyday.

20 – Nightstands (721% increase)

Because who doesn’t love a beautifully styled nightstand? Beautiful styling doesn’t only happen over on Instagram – you’ll find tons of Pinspiration on Pinterest with magazine worthy nightstands that make you want to go out and buy a beautiful lamp, a bunch of old books and find some pretty white flowers.

21 – Charcoal Masks (333% increase)

Forget charcoal toothpaste, charcoal masks are the new trend on the scene! Said to draw out toxins and clear up impurities, charcoal masks may be the best thing you’ve ever done for your skin.

Always remember, despite what is trending, you still need to be pinning what is relevant for your target market. There’s no point in pinning about ‘Wedding DJ’s’ if your brand has nothing to do with weddings! While it might increase some of your analytics (total reach, etc) these numbers won’t truly reflect the influence in your niche.

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