Webinar – 3 Things That Are Killing Your Instagram

In this webinar, learn the 3 top things that are killing your Instagram, why they are detrimental and how you can start to turn it all around today.

3 Things That Are Killing Your Instagram

Learn How To Fix The Three Things That Could Be Killing Your Instagram Profile Today

Please Note: We had a few tech issues during the live webinar and lose sound for a few minutes, the wonders of using a new mic! (Funnily enough it cuts out right at the time when I talk about my new mic!) All the amazing content is still there and you won't miss anything!

Create Your Schedule

Are you just posting to Instagram on a whim and not thinking about strategy or the 'why' of what you're posting? Learn what big mistake can easily be fixed to boost your profile.

Grow Your Profile

By fixing these mistakes you're most likely making (because I still do sometimes too!!) you'll be able to grow your profile and reach a highly engaged and interested audience.

More Than Images

Still think Instagram is all about pretty pictures? You could be missing a massive opportunity to connect with your audience. Learn how to make the most of your profile.

Meet Your Presenters

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Krystal Abbott - The Daily Femme

Dedicated to the Entrepreneurial Lady Boss world, Krystal knows what it's like to have to hustle hard. She has built her business while working her day job and being a Mum to an adventurous toddler.

With the idea of wanting to be even more generous than people could ever expect, Krystal is dedicated to bringing you the best and most useful information, from business leaders and Entrepreneurial Lady Bosses to help you grow your business.

With a focus on growing confidence in yourself and in your business, Krystal is here every step of the way to make sure you're being the best Lady Boss you can be.

What You're Going To Learn

Instagram is an amazing platform that is so much more than just pretty images. It is a powerful business tool that can help you establish your brand, grow your business and increase your income...


It's also a platform filled with a lot of 'mistakes'. Which can be detrimental to your growth.

This webinar is going to run you through the top 3 mistakes people make time and time again on their profiles (all are mistakes I've made too!!) and how you can start turning around from these mistakes today.

Register now for the live webinar (where those who show up live will have the chance to win something awesome) or catch the replay.