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Since I started using BoardBooster for Pinterest, my blog traffic has increase exponentially. It's so easy to use and free to try, you have nothing to lose. Read on to find out how to make it happen.

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Last week we spoke about the Pinterest Basics – all the bits and pieces I have learned in the last few months about how to start to get Pinterest working for you. As a blogger it can be a little overwhelming and today I want to talk with you about how to make things a little bit whole lot easier.

When I started with Pinterest I make a few rookie mistakes. I would pin sporadically, pin bulk amounts one day and then nothing for a few days. No wonder I wasn’t seeing any results. I started looking into automation tools but the only one I could find people recommending was Ahalogy and it has a waiting list.

Then I stumbled upon BoardBooster and everything changed.

I quickly signed up to the free trial which allows you to pin 100 pins for free (and it’s really free, you don’t have to provide credit card info or PayPal details) and started setting myself up.

The idea behind it all is pretty simple. You have ‘secret boards’ set up on Pinterest that you save your pins to, then BoardBooster uses the pins from these boards to pin to your designated boards at whatever time you tell it to.

For example:

I have a board called ‘Blogging | General Tips’. I also have a secret board for blogging tips that I save any pin I want to. I have told BoardBooster that I want them to randomly pin 5 pins to my ‘Blogging | General Tips’ board each day. BoardBooster takes the pins from my board at random times and pins 5 times a day for me. This means I know that this board will continue to have pins added each day and I can have as many pins as I want waiting on my secret board.

So, Why is this so awesome? I hear you asking…

Here’s the big plus… I use BoardBooster to schedule my pins to go out to Group Boards!!

And here’s how…. (I’m giving away all my secrets now!!)

I have 4 secret boards set up just for the pins from my blog, one for my blogging posts, one for parenting posts, one for recipes and one for all other posts. On these boards are only pins from my blog. I then have each of my Group Boards scheduled to pin from the relevant board at whatever interval I specify, which I determine by the size of the board and the board rules. Some boards ask for a maximum of only one pin per day and a relatively small so I will only schedule a pin there once a week, where as other boards may be larger with an allowance of up to 12 pins a day, so I might pin there 3 times. (I don’t want to look spammy by pinning the maximum number of times).

This means I can set and forget my scheduled pins. I know my pins will be going out on a regular basis and all I need to do is keep my secret boards up to date.

Since I started using BoardBooster for Pinterest, my blog traffic has increase exponentially. It's so easy to use and free to try, you have nothing to lose. Read on to find out how to make it happen.

Since I started using BoardBooster I have seen an exponential increase in traffic that has come from Pinterest. In addition, because I am pinning on a regular basis, my Pinterest following has increased and I am far less stressed. I am able to set aside a few hours to sit down and actually find pins I like (I do make sure the pins I schedule are still of a high quality and meet my repin standards) and it allows me to actually focus on developing my Pinterest brand without worrying that I need to be ‘present’ all day, every day.

I did try to use another automation tool, Tailwind, but found that it was difficult to use. Once I had finally figured out how to schedule pins I realised that I had to actually schedule each individual pin. It didn’t have the capability of the ‘set and forget’ that BoardBooster has. I personally found it to be very time consuming and thus being the opposite of what I was trying to achieve with an automation tool. I wanted to love Tailwind, it is so highly recommended by others but I have to be honest, it wasn’t for me.

I do understand that Tailwind is the only once accepted with Pinterest’s API and that some other automation tools have been marked as spam however all research I have done on BoardBooster has been very positive.

In addition, BoardBooster also gives you information about the boards you are pinning to, including the average number of repins per board and also shows you how many repins your pins have had. There’s a lot of other features to BoardBooster that I am yet to explore, including ‘looping’ and ‘campaigns’. I really think I’ve only scratched the surface of its capabilities and to be honest, I’m kind of in love with it!!!

I cannot encourage enough for you to give the free trial a go. Really, you have nothing to lose. I started my free trial and before I knew it, BoardBooster had repined over 500 pins for me and they were still allowing me to use it for free. This really allowed me to see the results that BoardBooster could help me achieve and once I realised just how much I was using it, I signed up straight away. It’s not even expensive at all. I pay $10 per month for 1000 repins. That’s two take away coffee’s. They also won’t charge you extra if you go over your limit and they won’t stop repining. These guys are seriously awesome.

Give it a go, see how you like it. I would love to hear from you and hear how you can make BoardBooster work for you. If you’d like to know more about my pinning schedule or how I set up my BoardBooster account I would love to hear from you!


  1. I’m still trying to understand BoardBooster + group boards. I get confused between the three options: schedule, loop, campaign. Is there a way to schedule looping of my own pins to group boards? Or do I have to keep filling up the secret board with my own pins, over and over?

    1. Hi Kathleen – thank you so much for asking. So here’s a quick overview of how I use each:

      Scheduling – is used when you add pins to secret boards that you want to go out to your own boards at certain times. For example – say I have a board all about Email Lists for Bloggers, BoardBooster would then create a secret board of the same name where I would pin a whole bunch of relevant pins to. Then I would choose how many pins I wanted to be pinned to that board each day, say 5 for example, and BoardBooster would then take 5 pins from my secret board each day. You can set this up for all of your boards that you own.

      Looping – is where BoardBooster takes your oldest pins from a certain board and repins them to that same board. This is beneficial because if you pinned something, say 6 months ago, your newest followers won’t see that pin. So looping reuses the pins you already have. Then, after a set amount of time (usually 5 – 7 days) BoardBooster will look at both the old pin and the new pin, determine which one is performing better a delete the other.

      Campaigns – are a little more complex. Say I pin to 20 different group boards all about blogging. I would then set up a secret board where I can pin MY pins to, and set up a campaign to take a pin from that board and repin it to all of the relevant group boards for that topic. This means I don’t have to individually pin to each board when I write a new post. I simply pin to that secret board and it does all the work for me.

      I hope so much this has helped… Please let me know if you need me to explain anything further. x

  2. Hi Crystal, I really happy for this post,it help me a lot and give me more details about pinterest. I just sign up for boardboster now and I am sure it will help my business.

    My question is do you save pin from another board to your secret board for schedule or you create all the pin save to your secret bard?

    Do I need to save more pin from another board to my secret board than creating new pin?

  3. I LOVE Pinterest! But I admit, I’m confused about the different kinds of boards. Your boards, Secret boards and Group boards?
    How do you get into a group board?
    Why do you need a secret board if you want people to see it?

    1. I can be super confusing but I promise once it all clicks it will make sense.

      So, you have:

      Your Boards – that is boards you have created that are public and everyone can see. You can save pins to these boards and others can pin from these boards.

      Secret Boards – these are boards that ONLY you can see. You can save pins to these boards but as no one else can see them, they cannot pin from them. These are useful if you have say a project you’re working on and want to save references for yourself but they don’t really match your brand (for example, I had one for my wedding and for my sons birthday party). You can also use them strategically to save pins that maybe you’d want to pin later.

      Group Boards – these are boards someone else has created and allows multiple contributors. Each contributor to the board can pin to it and the board is public so others can see it and pin from it. One of the perks is that when the creator creates the board and allows you to pin to it, your pins are seen by the creators followers – like tapping into someone else’s following. Group boards are also usually quite active and the contributors pin from them as well, meaning your pins get seen and repinned by a larger audience.

      Most group boards also have a ‘how to apply’ in the description of the board that will give you instructions on how you can apply to become a contributor. If the group board doesn’t have this then they aren’t usually open to contributors at the time. Running a group board can be a lot of work so sometimes the owners cap the number of contributors to a board.

      I hope this clears things up a little! 🙂

  4. HI there,

    Well alright. Thanks for your info on boardbooster. Really didn’t know about it so we’ll be checking it out asap. Thanks for sharing this great post.
    Take care!

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