How To Use Pinterest To Grow Your Email List

Pinterest is an incredibly powerful tool but did you know you can use Pinterest to grow your email list too? Here's step by step how to do it. You'll be amazed at how simple, and how effective it is.

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We all know Pinterest is amazing for finding DIY activities, amazing recipes and beautiful fashion styles… but did you know it is a power tool for your blog too? Pinterest drives around 70% of my traffic to my website and is a vital part of my business. Not only can you use Pinterest to increase the traffic to your website, but you can also use Pinterest to grow your email list too! It’s amazing.

Your email list is one of the most valuable assets in your blog and business. It allows you to connect with your subscribers whenever you want, and best of all, you own it. Unlike Facebook and Instagram where algorithms dictate who sees your content and when, your email list allows you to talk directly to your subscribers and land your content in their inbox.

Which is why it is so important that growing your email list is a huge focus for you. In fact, other than creating content, growing and nurturing your email list should be your biggest focus.

So how do you use Pinterest to grow your email list?

This process is incredibly simple, and incredibly effective. This is how:

Step 1: Choose Your Free Opt-In

Perhaps you already have a free opt-in created, which is awesome! Otherwise, choose an opt-in you can create easily, that will give the most value to your audience. One of my favourite opt–ins has always been mini eBooks that are comprised of a bunch of blog posts you’ve already written, all on the same topic.

Once you’ve decided on your free opt-in, be sure to set it all up in your email service provider to deliver to your readers once they have subscribed.

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Step 2: Create a Landing Page

I use an incredible tool called Beaver Builder to create my landing pages, which is so simple and easy to use as it is a drag and drop creator. However many themes have landing page creators built in them, or you can simply create a page on your site that is entirely dedicated to your free opt-in.

Be sure your landing page is clear, has an obvious call to action (request to sign up for your offer) and it isn’t too long. Landing pages for free opt-ins can be kept short and still convert really well.

Step 3: Create a ‘Pinnable Image’ For Your Opt-In

It’s amazing how many people miss this opportunity. We create gorgeous pinnable images for our blog posts, but forget to do the same for our pinnable images.

To create a gorgeous pin for your opt-in you need to have 3 key elements: Your pin needs to be the right size, with a clear and easy to read title and gorgeous imagery.

You can use a tool like Canva to create a beautiful graphic. The recommended Pinterest graphic size on Canva (and other tools) is 735px by 1103px. While changing the width of your pin won’t make any difference on Pinterest, changing the length and making the pin longer can mean your pin will take up more space and therefore gain more attention.

Experiment with different sizes and see what style you like.

You can even create multiple different styled pins to increase the repins and click throughs to your opt-in. Experiment with which style is most popular and change up the headings to see which works best.

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Pinterest is an incredibly powerful tool but did you know you can use Pinterest to grow your email list too? Here's step by step how to do it. You'll be amazed at how simple, and how effective it is.

Step 4: Hide Your Pinnable Image Within Your Landing Page

If you’d rather not have a large image on your landing page (often I don’t, unlike the pinnable image above) you can hide your pin within your landing page so it can’t be seen unless someone selects to share the pin on Pinterest, then they have the opportunity to select which image to pin and it will show there.

To do this, add your pinnable image to your page as normal, then switch to text mode and do the following:

Find the code for your image.

Before the image add the following code: <div style= “display: none;”>

After the image add the following code: </div>

It should look like this: <div style= “display: none;”> image code </div>

Then save and preview your update.

If it’s not working, check your code – you may need to replace the “ by simply clicking delete and adding them back in while in text mode.

Alternatively, you can create the whole pin in Pinterest by going to ‘My Profile’, selecting ‘Pins’ and then clicking the very first option ‘Save Pin’. This will open up a window where you can upload your image and add a URL (the one for your landing page). Be sure, once you’ve saved the pin, to click edit on the pin and add a description for your opt-in.

Step 5: Pin It

Of course your next step is to pin it… and then pin it again and again. Don’t just pin this once and hope for the best. You don’t just share a post to Facebook once and never again… so why would you do it on Pinterest?

The first place to share your pin will always be on your own board for your site. You should have a board that is entirely dedicated to the content on your site and contains only your content, nothing from anyone else.

Then, pin your pin to other relevant boards on your profile. If you’ve created an opt-in for your audience then you’ll surely have boards relating to that opt-in in your Pinterest profile. For example, if you’re a food blogger and you created a recipe book of delicious quick and easy breakfasts you can make as your opt-in, then you may have boards like ‘Breakfast Recipes’, ‘Quick Recipes (less than 15 minutes to create’, ‘Easy Recipes’, ‘All The Recipes’ and ‘Healthy Ways to Start Your Day’ as places you can pin your opt-in pin.

Once you’ve shared to all of your relevant boards, be sure to schedule it in to share again in a few weeks time.

Step 6: Share To Group Boards

Group boards are the key to driving massive traffic to your site, therefore sharing your free opt-in pin to group boards is going to be a fantastic way to help grow your email list.

Make a list of all of the relevant group boards you can share your free opt-in on (be sure to check the rules for each group board and share within their requirements) and start sharing.

As with sharing to your own boards, you want to make sure you don’t just share once. If your group board dictates you can only share a pin once, be sure to note that so you can go and delete the first pin you shared in there before sharing the new version of it. Make a note in your calendar to share this pin again to your group boards. Doing so will keep up your exposure and keep the traffic coming.

Using a tool like Tailwind, you can schedule your reshares out so you don’t have to worry about it again and it keeps being shared for you on autopilot. Brilliant.

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Pinterest is such a powerful tool at driving traffic to your website, using it to grow your email list is such a fantastic strategy too.


  1. I’m so glad I’ve found your blog. Pinterest isn’t popular in Poland so far – in my country all influencers focus on Facebook or Twitter. I am going to fill this niche. So all your pin-tips and guides are very helpful for me and let me get this tool better to know. Thanks a lot! 🙂

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