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How To Retain Your Blogging Niche

The ability to retain your blogging niche can be difficult sometimes, even for the most skilled blogger. These fail-safe tips will help keep you on track.The ability to retain your blogging niche can be difficult sometimes, even for the most skilled blogger. These fail-safe tips will help keep you on track.

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Hello readers, I’m Lucy from Lulabelle Lifestyle, you may have seen my post on how to become the ultimate Culture Vulture in Singapore on here recently and now I am back again sharing my top tips for staying on point and retaining your blogging niche.

The ability to retain your blogging niche can be difficult sometimes, even for the most skilled blogger. These fail-safe tips will help keep you on track.

It can be difficult at times to find interesting and engaging content to write about especially when your blog is focused on a specific topic or theme. As a Lifestyle blogger I can get round this obstacle, as ‘Lifestyle’ covers anything and everything from food to travel to fashion to what books I like to read. Basically I write about all of the topics I am passionate about. There in lies my number one tip; only write about what you feel passionate about as this will resonate through your writing and photographs and your readers will be more engaged and keep coming back for more.

However, even Lifestyle bloggers such as myself need to keep on point and focused and I have a couple of fail-safe tips on doing this.

  • Keep an ongoing list of ideas for potential blog posts and update this whenever you think of them, this way you will never be stuck for content to write about. It will act as a reminder of places you’ve been or topics you want to cover and can keep the creative juices flowing.
  • Implement one or two weekly features for structure and consistency. For example, every Wednesday I write a post, which covers 10 points on a topic; whether that be ’10 free things to do in Singapore’  or ’10 healthy recipes to try’, it can be on any topic or category it just has to have 10 points. Restricting a post to a number of points is also a great way to keep your work focused. I also find that having these weekly features allows your readers to know what to expect from you and can look forward to your regular weekly posts.
  • Be consistent! Most people like consistency, whether this is regarding your post content or the quality of your writing and your photographs. Loyal readers will remain so if they can trust not only your opinions and judgments but also your commitment to providing quality work.

That last point brings me onto how important it is to retain your niche and not go off topic too often. Your loyal readers are there for a reason and share in your passions, therefore if you do go off topic make it clear from the outset if this is going to be regular feature on your blog or if it is a one off post so they know what to expect in your future work. As important as it is to retain loyal readers it is also important to keep your content fresh and engaging so you can also attract new readers, therefore on some occasions an off-topic post can be beneficial. It is all about being transparent and getting the balance right.

Finally, whilst working hard to retain your blogging niche be sure you remain true to your own style and voice. Do not forsake this for anyone or any brand. Your readers trust your opinions; therefore you have a duty to be honest and genuine. After all if you recommend a product or service that turns out to be less than satisfactory your reader isn’t going to trust your future opinions and the trust is gone.

Always remember your blog is a reflection of you.

Happy Blogging!

If you would like to see more blogging tips then visit my Top tips for bloggers or if you would like to see what else Lulabelle Lifestyle covers head on over to the blog. You can also see what Lulabelle Lifestyle gets up to on a daily basis by following me on Instagram.


  1. great tips to keep in mind. I sometimes find myself scrambling for ideas so having a 10 points on different topics might be good to keep in mind. Especially when I’m busy.

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