How To Deal With Negative Comments on Social Media

Have you ever been caught up in an online battle or maybe you were the victim of nasty comment? Learn how to deal with negative comments in a classy way.

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We’ve all seen them pop up on other people’s social media feeds before. We even see them paraded on the entertainment news when Kim K and Tay Tay have another Twitter war. And for some reason we have started to believe that negative comments on social media just come with the territory.

This is absolutely NOT the case. Just because you have an online presence, it doesn’t mean it is automatically okay for people to target you in a negative way.

That being said, here’s how to deal with negative comments on social media without attacking back, or going into cyber hibernation.

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What Are Negative Comments?

It seems pretty obvious, but for the purposes of this post, a negative comment is anything that someone says about you, your business or your blog that makes you feel uncomfortable and is done with an intent to cause harm.

Essentially, if someone says you’re a horrible person and your blog sucks, that’s a negative comment.

But it can get hazy… because in the online world, it is difficult to convey meaning and context behind our words. How many times have you sent and email or even a text to someone and it was received in the complete opposite way to what you intended?

So before getting too caught up in a negative comment always ask yourself ‘Is this a person who is genuinely offering feedback, just not in the best way?’ Often times you’ll find that someone may have just not worded things quite the right way. Even grammar can play a role in how a message is understood:

‘Let’s eat, kids’ and ‘Let’s eat kids’ both have very different meanings, changed by the placement of a comma.

Have you ever been caught up in an online battle or maybe you were the victim of nasty comment? Learn how to deal with negative comments in a classy way.

Should Your Respond or Delete?

While your first instinct may be to go all ninja on their comment and point out the 11 different ways they are wrong, you need to just take a minute. Reacting in anger isn’t going to help. Ask yourself if replying to their comment at all will simply add to the negativity? Because at the end of the day, what good is that actually going to achieve?

If you decide that replying will just compound the negativity then delete the comment, if you can.

You would never let anyone stay in your home who was yelling obscenities towards you or being nasty and negative. So why let them stay in your online home? While you may be in the public eye, you are still in control of what you allow to stay on your profile.

If it’s not possible for you delete the comment, and replying won’t achieve any resolution then avoid antagonising trolls. Keyboard warriors rarely realise that there is a real person on the other side. It still amazes me that there are people out there who actually feel good about posting negative comments about other people.

Protect Your Space

There are some simple ways you can protect yourself from negative comments as well as giving you a guideline as to how to deal with them.

  • Set yourself rules such as: all nasty comments are deleted immediately.
  • Let other’s know your rules. You don’t need to go dramatically parading it around but if you run an online community like a Facebook group, make it part of the guidelines to join.
  • Adjust your setting so you have to moderate comments and posts. While this isn’t always possible on social media comments, you can prevent people from posting publicly on your Facebook wall without approval as well as within your blog comments.

Don’t go looking for comments about yourself. Not everyone will like you. And that’s okay, because I can assure you, you don’t like everyone out there. We all have different personalities, different voices we portray and different styles that resonate with us. Accepting that not everyone will like you is a massive step in the right direction.

Have you ever had to deal with nasty comments on social media before? How did you handle the situation?

Have you ever been caught up in an online battle or maybe you were the victim of nasty comment? Learn how to deal with negative comments on social media in a classy way so you don't damage the image and reputation of your business and brand.


  1. Great post this had some great pointers. I myself have had to deal with negative comments. On my blog everyone says nice things on my blog. On a YouTube video I made however I had such negative comments I took it down. It was a blogging toutrial on how to create a child theme for your parent theme on WordPress so you don’t lose your customizations. I don’t know why but I got very nasty comments. It’s hard to let things roll off your back. Mean comments do affect others.

    1. It’s so natural to be upset by a nasty comment. I give myself 5 minutes to be upset and angry and then that’s it. Because it’s not worth your time (but sometimes muttering less than savoury things about the commenter can make you feel a little better :-P). I hope you upload the tutorial again! Don’t let a few meanies keep you down! Let your sparkle shine lovely! <3

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