How To Add Pages to StumbleUpon to Increase Your Pageviews

Have you jumped on the StumbleUpon bandwagon yet? If not, it's okay - here's how to add pages to StumbleUpon to increase the pageviews to your blog quickly.

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While we are all well aware of just how overwhelming it can be when we realise just how many social media and social bookmarking platforms there are (and the pressure to be on them all) there’s some that are a little easier than others and have great return on investment. Stumbleupon is one of these.

While still acting much like a temperamental teenager, StumbleUpon can also drive massive amounts of traffic to your site.

So how does it all work?

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to add pages to StumbleUpon. As I mentioned, it’s super easy to do and can have fantastic return on investment (of your time).

But there are a few things that you should be mindful of. Often your ‘time on site’ measurement will drop. This is due to a number of factors but mainly because of two things a) people stumble off your site quickly or b) time on site is not measured accurately by Google Analytics when your site is being shown through StumbleUpon.

While this can be disheartening at first, remembering that this is just one metric, and may not even be recorded properly, does help.

It is also important to be aware that as with all social media and bookmarking sites, StumbleUpon rewards frequent use and adding of high-quality content. Adding just any old web page won’t be good enough, you need to add high-quality content in order for it to do well.

Strategies For StumbleUpon

  • Be sure to set up your profile including your bio and interests.
  • As with all social media and marketing, keep within your niche. Mark your interests within your niche and be sure to stumble pages that are relevant.
  • Use the thumbs up function to ‘like’ pages that you believe have great content and that you genuinely like.
  • Use the thumbs down only for pages you don’t like. This can penalise someone’s page so be wise in using it. If you’re not interested in the page simply keep stumbling.
  • Add pages you love. Use Pinterest to help with this (as I show in the video).
  • Use the 10:1 ratio, add 10 pages from other sites to every 1 of yours.
  • Add the browser extension for easy stumbling.
  • Add the StumbleUpon option to your social sharing plugin on your website.

As with all marketing strategies, StumbleUpon should be part of your overall picture. Diversifying where your website traffic comes from is a brilliant idea and StumbleUpon can certainly be fantastic for this.

Comment below with your StumbleUpon strategy and handle so we can all share the love.

Have you jumped on the StumbleUpon bandwagon yet? If not, it's okay - here's how to add pages to StumbleUpon to increase the pageviews to your blog quickly.


    1. When it picks up one of your posts it can be brilliant, but there are times when it can be frustrating too. I’ve found this to be the best way to get things moving so SU doesn’t just see you as adding your own content all the time. 🙂 Good luck lovely!

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