How Health Insurance Can Help You Reduce Your Stress

Health insurance may not be high on your list of things that can help you reduce your stress but using it properly can bring many advantages to your health. I use my 'extras' cover for tons of stress reducing options... how about you?

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Health insurance might not be a pretty topic for some… especially given the rise in prices of late and the debate over whether or not we actually need it. After all, we are quite lucky here in Australia to have amazing health care that covers all kinds of emergency medical needs. However it’s the preventative medicine that can make all the difference to our lives – and help reduce your stress!

In both of my fields of work I see first hand the effects of stress. As a mentor for women in business I see the debilitating stress levels that prevent women from enjoying their business and taking it to the next level. These stress levels cause all kinds of health issues and makes running a business and maintaining a lifestyle next to impossible.

Then I see the next level of these stress levels in my job as a Paramedic, where a vast majority of the work I do is for patients with preventable illnesses often related to stress. High blood pressure, heart disease, anxiety and chronic illnesses are just a handful of the medical conditions I face on a regular basis, all of which are linked to stress.

So how is stress affecting you? And what can you do to reduce it or manage it better?

As we know, stress is a daily part of our lives. But that doesn’t mean we need to let it rule our lives. We can learn ways to help manage our stress better and eliminate unnecessary stressors in our lives.

Take Part in Stress Reducing Activities

Seems kind of obvious doesn’t it? But sometimes it’s the most obvious answers we overlook. We have heard often of the benefits of a Yoga class for reducing stress but did you know there are many other activities you can do too?

Exercise is a brilliant way to reduce stress. When we exercise we release endorphins which has a bifold effect – they reduce our pain and can create a state of euphoria. Amazing. And you don’t need to be a gym junkie to reap the benefits. Simply going for a walk will trigger a release of endorphins as well as gaining benefits from being out in the fresh air and spending some time outdoors.

Other stress reducing activities can include meditation, making time to read a book, spending time with your children (although this can also be stress inducing for those of us with toddlers going through tantrum stages…), taking some time out for yourself, drinking herbal teas, relaxing and watching a movie or simply blocking out some time to do whatever you want – not related to your to do list.

Health insurance may not be high on your list of things that can help you reduce your stress but using it properly can bring many advantages to your health. I use my 'extras' cover for tons of stress reducing options... how about you?

Create a Priority List

Stress thrives when we feed it chaos. Think about it. Not the days you feel like there’s no structure, when you’re not sure which task you’re meant to be tackling first and when you just don’t know which way is up – your stress levels naturally rise. So do something about it.

Creating a priority list can not only help you keep on task, but can help give you an overview of your day and what needs to be done. There’s no special formula or ‘right’ way to do it. Simply list out everything you need done for the day or week and highlight those that need to be done first. This simple task can be a massive stress saver.

Seek Help

Did you know that financial stress and health issues are the two highest stressors for people in Australia? So why not hit off two birds with one stone? I was able to increase the amount of preventative health practitioners I was seeing and reduce the amount of money I was spending simply by finding the right health insurance.

I am a massive advocate for natural therapies and using these to help reduce stress. My naturopath has helped me overcome adrenal fatigue, a condition that is caused by chronic stress and causes even more stress in your life. It’s a condition that literally feeds itself.

By taking out the right health insurance (I have extra’s only cover) I was able to reduce my financial stress associated with the cost of the alternative and preventative therapies I was using. The cost of these therapies can add up and I was spending over $300 per month on my health. Which is a wise investment, but can cause more stress. Which was why I was seeing these practitioners. I was going around in circles.

My health insurance has saved me a small fortune and has given me some breathing room when it comes to worrying about my health. Emergency medical conditions weren’t something I was concerned about – I understand the Australian (and Queensland) health system quite well given my job as a Paramedic and having amazing hospitals close by gives me peace of mind for emergency situations. However, it’s all the ‘extras’ that are just as, if not more, important.

So what are you going to to do reduce and manage your stress? Book in a yoga class? Go for a walk? Write a priority list? Or head over to Compare The Market to see if you too can combine your financial and health stress and reduce it with the right health insurance plan for you.

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