Top 10 Gorgeous WordPress Themes for Serious Bloggers

Finding the right theme for your site can be stressful and time consuming, so I'm sharing with you my short list of gorgeous Wordpress themes you'll love and can personalise to make your own. Click through to see my short list.

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I literally could not count the total number of hours I have spent over the years searching for the ‘perfect’ theme. Don’t even get me started on the number of themes I own (let’s just say it’s a lot more than this list contains…). For a long time I searched for a theme that looked both professional but also allowed me to add my personality to it.

Choosing a theme you love is essential, otherwise you’ll end up losing focus on what’s important and changing your theme over and over again (trust me, I did it too!!). So, to save you time, I’m sharing with you my short list of themes I’ve found over the years that are absolutely gorgeous, but also allow for a good amount of customisation for you to add your own flair.

(To see more detail about each theme simply click on the theme name). 

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1 – X Theme

It’s no secret that X Theme is my favourite theme to work with. I even wrote a whole post about why I love X Theme so much! It’s the one I use here on this site, and on any site I’ve created. It’s super easy to use, incredibly customisable and it comes with a whole bunch of premium plugins that are worth way more than the theme costs on it’s own. My favourite of which is the ConvertPlug plugin that has replaced all lead capture subscriptions I had (except for LeadPages, but that’s a whole other story).

2 – Avada

Avada is hot on the heels of X Theme for those who love to have a ton of customisability without having to code for themselves. It too is a drag and drop theme, with clean code and looks amazing. It does have a lot of similarities to X Theme however it uses a slightly different page builder to X Theme.

3 – Foodie Pro

A lot of people are turned off Foodie Pro because they don’t have food blogs, however I used this theme for years and found it incredibly easy to use. I loved how simple it was to set up, that I could simply add my header and a few custom colours and run with it. It runs on the Genesis Framework which is robust and highly regarded. You can get a good number of plugins to modify certain areas of your site.

4 – Glam Pro

A gorgeous theme by Restored 316 Designs who are renowned for their beautiful, clean and feminine themes. I love the ability to customise your homepage to suit your needs and showcase your best work, as well as having a theme customiser allowing you to tweak the colours of the theme to suit your brand.

5 – Victoria

From the stunning BluChic designs, this is an elegant theme for those who are serious about their site presentation. With the ability to add buttons to build your email list (a major bonus) and a dedicated widget to displaying social proof, this theme is clearly built with those in mind who want to create a business and professional look from their site. The ability to leave the hero image and above the fold call to action active for your whole site makes this an incredibly appealing theme to those focusing on growing their email list.

Finding the right theme for your site can be stressful and time consuming, so I'm sharing with you my short list of gorgeous WordPress themes you'll love and can personalise to make your own. Click through to see my short list.

6 – Biz Lady

Another theme built with list building in mind (can you see how important this is in your theme), Biz Lady has a hero image with call to action and a widgetised email optin area built right into your home page. Winner. Built by A Prettier Web, this theme certainly lives up to their idea of building a prettier web!

7 – Natalie

Such a beautiful theme by Lovely Confetti (I love their name) that is a little different to the others with its above the fold design and option to link to a shop (it’s WooCommerce compatible too) or to any other pages you’d like on your site. A gorgeous design with so much white space, which instantly makes it friendlier on the eyes. Just beautiful.

8 – Style Theme

Another Restored 316 Design, because they are just so darn pretty! I used this theme for a previous site I had created and it was simple to use and wonderfully customisable. I used it for an eCommerce website and it looked amazing. Be aware, it does require the Genesis Framework to function and you need to purchase this separately.

9 – Simply Charming Pro

Are you getting the idea that Restored 316 Designs have beautiful themes? Because this is the third one I’ve suggested in this series! Because they are gorgeous, and this is definitely one of my favourites. I love the clean lines and the minimalist approach to this theme, especially if your brand is highly visual as the theme won’t detract from your gorgeous brand. Beautiful.

10 – Divi

I couldn’t complete this list without adding in the Divi Theme. There are tons of people who rave about this theme and it’s easy to see why. In a similar way to X Theme or Avada, it is a drag and drop theme that allows you to create any style you like. The only issue with this is that there are almost too many options! You do however have the option to use a preset theme and then start your modifications from there which is always an easier option. You also get a whole host of premium plugins with this theme as well.

Whichever theme you choose to go with, you need to make sure YOU love it, it’s easy for your readers to use and that you’re proud to show off your website.


  1. I so nearly bought the Natalie theme when I was shopping for a new theme. That coral colour is just gorgeous, and now I see it again and think aawww! I STILL want it lol. The themes from Hello You Designs are pretty too.

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