How To Set Goals For Your Blog

How do you set goals for your blog? Do you have a plan mapped out or do you just hope for the best? Here's how I organise and track my goals for my blog.

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I’m a stickler for setting goals in every aspect of my life. They’re essential for growth and development. My blog is no exception to my passion for goal setting (and achieving!!). But how do you set goals for your blog, especially in the beginning?

I have so many goals for my blog that it can become a little overwhelming. I just want to achieve everything right now… but I know it’s not that simple.

How do you set goals for your blog? Do you have a plan mapped out or do you just hope for the best? Here's how I organise and track my goals for my blog.

To keep my goals sorted, I divide them into long term, short term and immediate goals.

Long Term Goals

My long term goals are any goals that fall outside of a 6 month period. It may be that I want to start a second blog in 3 years time, or that I want to be earning enough money from this blog that I can reduce my hours at my day job within 2 years. Perhaps you’d want to have enough growth that in 4 years time you have 2 staff members.

Long-term goals are important because they give us direction. They remind us that anything is possible and they encourage us to dream big.

In addition to my down to earth long-term goals, I always throw in at least one big, over the top goal. Something that is extraordinary… your big ‘shoot for the moon’ goal. It may be that you want your blog to reach 1 million total views per month… for some, this is a realistic goal but for me that’s a shoot for the moon right now.

Short Term Goals

My short term goals are any goals that fall within a 6 month period, excluding the current week ahead. These are your grounding goals, they form the foundation of your business. These are the goals that you need to achieve and tick off in order to achieve your long-term goals.

For example, I set monthly goals for my blog in terms of page views, unique visitors and social media stats. These goals are easily measured and easily set.

When it comes to stats I set myself a two-tier goal… one that is an acceptable and steady level of growth, and one that is a bit more reaching… Some months I only achieve my steady goal, other’s I achieve my reaching goal and some months I fall short altogether.

Other short-term goals can include creating relationships with brands I’d like to work with, guest posting on a blog I admire or even changes to blog design.

Short-term goals keep us on track for our long-term goals and allow us to tick off achievements on a regular basis.

Immediate Goals

Immediate goals for me are ones that fall within an immediate one-week period. These are basic daily goals we need to achieve to keep our business going.

As a blogger, some of my immediate goals include writing 1500 words per day, posting 4 times per week, scheduling my Facebook posts a week at a time and spending time on Instagram and Pinterest daily.

I also set one day per week for any blog maintenance and keep a to-do list for this that I add to during the week.

In addition, I have daily to-do lists or as I’ve recently renamed them, ‘achievement lists’ that have an outline of what I need to achieve each day.

While these goals may seem trivial, if we can continue to tick over and smash through our immediate goals, our short term and long term goals seem much more within reach.

Setting goals is a part of being organised and productive when blogging. It allows me to see just how much my blog has grown and how much I’ve grown as a blogger, business owner and as a person.

How do you set goals for your blog? I’d love to hear your strategies and how you implement them.


  1. Wow, sometime’s I find it hard to set blog goals. I’m too busy trying to set other goals. I think your plan for setting up goals for different time frames is a great idea. It’s good to find another great blog.

    1. Thank you so much Mandi. I find I need the different time frames otherwise I don’t take the goals as seriously… this way they seem more achievable and easier to work towards. Hopefully this helps with your blogging goals. xo

  2. This is really great and I feel inspired. I like setting and working on goals but I have to admit I have been very lax in this area lately. I think about it but never seem to get there. I am impressed that you do all of this while working elsewhere (not sure if you are working full time) but I like the goal of slowing down my daytime work to pursue other things.

    1. Kim we have the same goal – I currently work 30 hours a week at my daytime job and would love to be able to cut it back and focus more on my blog and brand. I do find the more that I have on my plate, the more organised I am though… I’m so glad you feel inspired!! I don’t think I’d be able to drive myself as much as I do without having my goals set out. They keep me in line!!

  3. I have read and researched hundreds of posts like this one and this is by far the one that has been most helpful to me. It has given me a lot to think about and I’m more organized moving forward. Thanks for such an amazing post.

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