9 Emails to Send Your Subscribers Instead of a Newsletter

You've built up your email list and you know how valuable it is as a business tool. So stop sending boring newsletters and start engaging with your subscribers! Here are 9 emails to send your subscribers instead to increase engagement and to help monetize your blog.

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Newsletters are so 2005. And quite frankly, they are simply boring. How many newsletters land in your inbox and how many of them do you actually read? Like, really read – not just skim for good deals? There are so many emails to send your subscribers instead of a newsletter, all of which are far more engaging and exciting for you and your audience.

But first, you need to determine the purpose of sending emails to your subscribers. Why are you doing it? What is your intention behind it? Is it because someone told you it was a good idea? Or because you just want more people coming back to your website?

The number one goal with your email list is to build connections with your subscribers. Regardless of what your intention is, whether it’s to drive more traffic to your blog or generate more sales, it all starts with building connections.

Email lists allow your readers to get to know you better, they allow you to deliver even more valuable content to your subscribers and establishes a relationship where they know, like and trust you.

Which is why it is so important to deliver the best to your subscribers, and newsletters are just subpar. Would you send a newsletter to your closest friends? Absolutely not! Then don’t send them to your subscribers (your best friends of your business).

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Here are some examples of emails you need to be sending to your subscribers instead:

1 – The Story Behind Your Latest Blog Posts

Rather than just sending an email saying ‘hey here’s my latest blog post’ write a little blurb about why you wrote the post. What was the story behind it? This helps build a deeper connection between you and your readers and it increases your traffic to your site – again allowing your readers to ‘spend more time’ with you and get to know you better.

2 – Personal Story or ‘Ah Ha’ Moment

How many ‘ah ha’ moments do you have that you tell your friends about? Why not share it with your subscribers too. Of course share the ones that are relevant – my business subscribers are probably not going to be too interested in my underwear drawer hacks.

3 – ‘Wowzers, this post is going viral and I thought you might like it too’

This is a great way to keep some viral momentum going on a post that is performing well. Just remember it doesn’t have to be millions of pageviews kind of viral. Any time a post of yours gains a bit extra traction or looks like it’s going to take off, give it an extra nudge by letting your subscribers know about it.

4 – Invitations

This is one of the most common emails I send – invitations to webinars, groups or courses I am running. Remember to always keep your list in the loop – they have told you they want to keep up to date with what you’re doing by giving you their email list. Not inviting them to your webinars and groups is like not inviting your best friend to your party.

5 – Lessons and Tutorials

‘I just learnt how to do this so I thought I’d share it with you’, or ‘I keep getting asked how to do this so I thought you might like to know too.’ Perfect reasons to send an email to your subscribers! Sharing knowledge is one of the best things you can do – not only does it establish yourself as even more of an expert in your field, but it also helps build that connection we keep talking about.

You've built up your email list and you know how valuable it is as a business tool. So stop sending boring newsletters and start engaging with your subscribers! Here are 9 awesome emails to send your subscribers instead. These will help you increase engagement and to help monetize your blog as well as increase your email open rates!

6 – Exclusive Content

‘I wrote this post just for you’ – what better way to show how much you value your subscribers than to create content that is exclusively for them. But – be cautious with this, if  you say you’ve created content just for your subscribers, then don’t go publishing it publicly. Doing so will just discredit you.

7 – Your Latest Free Opt-Ins

Remember to send your latest opt-ins you’ve created to those already on your list so they don’t feel left out as soon as they join. You don’t necessarily have to send the actual opt-in, but let them know it exists and it’s available so they can grab it if they’re keen.

8 – Something You Love

I read a book not too long ago called Create or Hate by a friend of mine, Dan Norris and he was offering the book for free on Amazon for a few days. I LOVED the book and told all of my friends about it… which means I also sent it out to my list. It was one of the most popular emails I have ever sent out – with a whole heap of people replying to me and thanking me for letting them know about it.

Example of an email you can send your subscribers about something you love.

9 – Tools You Use

How many times have you had a friend say ‘what do you use to….?’ We all have our favourite tools for certain jobs so why not share them? You can do a roundup email of all of your favourites that are relevant to your niche of course. BONUS – you can include affiliate links here too and earn commissions from sharing what you love. (Be mindful some affiliates like Amazon won’t let you use affiliate links within emails though).

So, if you’ve been stuck in the rut of sending out simple newsletters and wondering why your engagement is waning, try adding a few emails from the list above and watch how much your readers love you for it.

You've built up your email list and you know how valuable it is as a business tool. So stop sending boring newsletters and start engaging with your subscribers! Here are 9 emails to send to your subscribers instead to increase engagement and to help monetize your blog.


  1. These are great tips! I’m just starting out and I have a small list of around 45 people I’m going to send my first real Newsletter to. I will keep these tips in mind!

  2. Great ideas! From the title I thought you’d be advising us to send just 9 emails and stop writing to our lists, which is not a bad idea either.

  3. Good article … seriously, I constantly struggle with what to send to my email readers, other than my latest blog post. I don’t want to bug them too often, but I don’t want them to forget about me, either. And I absolutely HATE bloggers who spam you with affiliate links all the time!

  4. found you on Pinterest – but these are great!! Thanks for sharing! I literally s t r u g g l e with that to do with my subscribers! =)

  5. Love this! I am just learning my way around MailChimp. I did started sending 2 emails and I automated the welcome email, but it still feels a bit overwhelming. Thank you for these ideas.

  6. I hope this isn’t a dumb question and you may have answered it already. But an email for your blog does not always have to have your recent blog post, or it doesn’t have to always relate to a recent post right? it can be literally anything, like the examples above?

    1. There’s no such thing as dumb questions! You can send absolutely anything you want to your email list. Remember, it’s all about building connections so do keep that in mind when sending emails to them. 🙂

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