How To Plan Your Dream Holiday

Planning a holiday? Here's how I plan my dream holiday - a camping trip with all the summer essentials including the best 4wd, sun, sand and beaches.

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Everyone has different ways of motivating themselves. Some like to work towards a big purchase, like a new laptop or a new camera. Others like to work towards pampering themselves, perhaps a day at a spa or a shopping trip. Me? I like to plan my dream holiday. Well, holidays. I have a lot of them.

I’ve been lucky enough to actually go on many of my dream holidays – exploring the culture of Thailand, shopping in Kuala Lumpur, lazing on the beach in Bali, an island indulgence in Fiji, snowboarding in New Zealand, escaping to the sleepy fishing town of Tin Can Bay… but the holiday I’ve been playing over and over in my mind lately is a camping and 4wd trip to Fraser Island off the coast of Queensland.

I know camping doesn’t sound luxurious or relaxing to many but there’s something about sitting around a campfire at night and waking up next to the beach of a morning that just makes me want to pack up and go right away. Plus, there’s very limited phone reception on Fraser Island so you’re kind of forced to unplug.

When planning your dream holiday there are certain factors you need to take into consideration…

Planning a holiday? Here's how I plan my dream holiday - a camping trip with all the summer essentials including the best 4wd, sun, sand and beaches. Whether it's a staycation or summer vacation, we all dream of our perfect vacation and there's no reason why you can't start planning yours now!!

Where am I going?

As I mentioned before, I’ve been dreaming about a camping four wheel drive (4wd) holiday to Fraser for a while. I’ve been there before but it was only for a few days and definitely not long enough to explore this gorgeous place. Fraser Island is located off the coast of Queensland, Australia and is highly popular among tourists (although I’m told the locals will tell you all the sneaky ‘locals only’ places if you ask nicely).

Who’s coming with me?

Fraser is not the place you go on your own… and 4wding is certainly not something you do alone (it’s a million times more difficult to get yourself out of a bog if you’re alone, plus Fraser is known for it’s deceiving dingoes and sharks in shallow water… I don’t want to go alone).

My dream is to take my gorgeous man Steve and my son Alexander with me. As much as I would love to have a few people around, this holiday I’m dreaming of is more of a relaxing vibe and I’d love to spend it with just my little family. 

How am I getting there and how am I getting around?

Fraser is accessible by barge and to get around you need a 4wd vehicle. While I do own a 4wd, considering this is my dream holiday, I’m going to go ahead and have my dream car, the best 4wd, a Land Rover Defender. Steve and I have both been swooning over one of these amazing vehicles and would love to explore Fraser in one of them. There’d be no stopping us!!

Steve and I have both done plenty of 4wding before and have even completed 4wd courses. We love it. But I’m still a little fancy and need my 4wd to be as comfortable as one can be, to be incredibly tough and have all the extras too. Hence why the Land Rover Defender is my dream, it really is the best 4wd.

Image Credit - Land Rover
Image Credit – Land Rover

Where am I going to stay?

While there are hotels and plenty of accommodation available on the island, my dream is to have a camping holiday and that’s exactly what I would do. No caravan or camper trailer here… just a good old tent. We have an awesome OzTrail tent that has 3 separate ‘rooms’ to it, which means Alexander gets his own room, we get our own room and there’s a communal room in the middle. It’s served us well on our camping trips so far and would be perfect for Fraser. It’s easy to set up and pack up and doesn’t take up too much space.

Because we would have Alexander with us, I would always make sure we stayed in one of the designated camping areas that are fenced off so the dingoes don’t get in. I cannot stress how dangerous these dingoes are. They are sneaky and are not scared of humans. Last time I was on Fraser I went to take photos of the shipwreck at sunrise, I walked down the beach to the wreck, took my photos and when I turned to head back up the beach I noticed there were dingo footprints in my footprints in the sand. I hadn’t even noticed they were that close!!

Plus… designated camping grounds means actual toilets… winning.

What am I going to do?

Everything… and nothing!! I find holidays like this need a good balance between time exploring and time relaxing. There’s so much to do and see at Fraser, it’ easy to spend all your time out and about without actually spending anytime where you just stop, relax and take it all in.

Fraser has so many beautiful 4wd tracks that take you to the most gorgeous places. It would be easy to spend all your time at Lake Mackenzie or at Champagne Rocks, or walking along Eli Creek or even right up exploring at Waddy Point. My general rule of thumb is to spend my time day about – one day out exploring and one day back at camp relaxing.

And relaxing isn’t exactly a difficult task either… I’ll be spending my relaxing days with a surf rod in hand, catching fish off the beach and building sandcastles with Alexander… it’s going to be tough.

Planning a holiday? Here's how I plan my dream holiday - a camping trip with all the summer essentials including the best 4wd, sun, sand and beaches.

What do I need to take?

On top of all the necessary camping gear I need to make sure we have all the required 4wd gear too, including Maxtracks, a winch and snatch straps (and if you do go 4wding, make sure you know how to use this gear – it’s all well and good to have a winch but it’s not going to be any good to you if you don’t know how to use it).

Fraser means surf fishing gear and all the summer essentials. Including sunscreen. The UV rays here in Australia are harsh.

Food on the island is limited and therefore I’ll have to take all of our essentials with us. A car fridge/freezer is a must and thankfully the Land Rover has plenty of room to accommodate this.

The best advice is to not pack any more than you absolutely need. You don’t need to take 10 novels when you can just take your Kindle… think about what you’re taking, whether you’re actually going to use it and if there is a more efficient way of taking what you want.

Once you have all the above questions answered, you have yourself a dream holiday planned. Now all you have to do is work out how you are going to make it happen!!

To keep myself motivated I have pictures of where I want to go saved on my phone, on my computer and printed out at work. Every time I need a little motivation, I look at one of these photos and remind myself that this is what I am working towards.

I’d love to hear all about your dream holiday!! Where do you want to go and what do you want to do??

This is a sponsored post, written by myself, on behalf of Land Rover. All opinions, dreams and fantasies are 100% my own.

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