How to Create 45 Post Ideas For Your Blog

Stuck finding ideas for your blog? Don't know where to start? Here's a way to come up with 45 different post ideas for your blog in just a few minutes.

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You’ve started your new blog with what seems like a million ideas of topics to write about. You write frantically for weeks trying to put all of those ideas into words. Before you know it your initial brain dump of ideas is out of the way and you can feel yourself losing momentum. Uh oh. What now?

Whatever you do, DO NOT start writing about topics just because you think you ‘should’. Your readers can smell fake a mile away and you will start to lose the following you have worked so hard to build.

Instead of searching for new topics, start looking closer at the topics you already have and find what other aspects you can talk about. If you write about the topics you have a passion for you readers will be able to tell you are genuine and will automatically be more engaged.

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For example, on here at The Daily Femme I talk about Blogging, Business and how to build your confidence in your life and business (which I group into ‘confidence’).

Work out a list of 4 – 5 broad topics you currently write about or would like to write about. Write each of these topics at the top of a separate page in a notebook. I’m going to give you 9 different types of posts to write, you can write each type of post for each topic and volia!! You instantly have 36 – 45 post topics ready to go.

Here’s a list of 9 different types of posts that you can apply to any topic in your niche.

1 – Tell a Story

Everyone has a story to tell. How did you find your passion? What have you achieved in your area of expertise? This is a great example of a story post where Tash tells us about her battle with Graves Disease.

2 – Share Your Knowledge

Do you know how to do something particularly well? Do you know how to set up a photo shoot for a newborn? Do you know how to knit the best dishcloths? Do you know how to braid your daughters hair into different styles? There’s a whole heap of things we know how to do.

These are great posts that often get shared frequently. We are all wanting to discover new ways of doing things and this may just be your key. This example of a knowledge posts shares how to size photos properly for Facebook.

3 – Create a List

List posts (like this one) are great because they are usually easy to write, your readers love to read them because they are easy to read and they too are usually shared quite often. Readers have very short attention spans (so do writers…) and a list post gives the reader the opportunity to skip over the more in depth parts of the post and just read the main headings.

If they like what they read then they are more inclined to stay a little longer and read the whole post.

Stuck finding ideas for your blog? Don't know where to start? Here's a way to come up with 45 different post ideas for your blog in just a few minutes.

4 – Write a Review

Do you have an item that you absolutely love and couldn’t live without? Is there something you own that has made your life a whole lot easier. Let your readers know about it! Perhaps they could benefit from it too. Not only does this give your readers a recommendation of a product they might like, it can showcase your writing to merchants who may ask you to review an item of theirs.

Be sure to keep your integrity though and don’t just write reviews about items you don’t even like for a quick buck. Remember what I said about readers being able to smell a fake? Amy Lynn Andrews wrote a fantastic review on the Elite Blog Academy, which shows an honest review of an eCourse.

5 – Resource List

Where do you go for the best advice, tips and tricks? Share these places with your audience. Remember, building your audience is all about building trust and relationships. You don’t want to be forcing your own content onto your readers – treat a post like a conversation.

If you found an awesome site with great information on it you’d probably tell your best friend about it over coffee wouldn’t you? Then do the same for your readers. This is a great example of a detailed resource list.

6 – Guest Posts

Research bloggers you like in each of your topic areas and request a guest post. An easy way to do this is to join (and be an active member) of a Facebook group where you can request bloggers to guest post on a particular topic.

This can take a little bit of organisational skills to make sure each post works together properly but the results can be fantastic as well as being able to increase your bloggers network. Here’s some great tips when it comes to guest posting.

7 – Opinion Posts

Is there something particularly newsworthy or controversial in your topic that you have an opinion on? Are you willing to put your opinion out there? This can be a risky move as it may cost you some of your readers however you may also gain others. The Car Seat Lady has literally created an entire blog dedicated to the controversial topic of rear facing children’s car seats.

8 – Interview Posts

Is there someone in the area of your topics that you would like to interview? Have a look around for people, or even other bloggers that you would like to interview and who can offer interesting and informative information to your readers. Kristie from Blog Ambitions tells us about the man behind her blog in an interview with Devin, a great example of how to create a simple interview post.

9 – Recycle

Do you have an old post that could use a little reworking? Is it now out-dated or do you have new information to offer? New information is always coming out and therefore some of our older content may become a little less accurate over time.

If you have a post that could use an update this is the perfect opportunity. Melissa from Blog Clarity talks about how to rework an old post for Pinterest as well in her 10 minute touch up series.

There you have it!! 5 blog topics and 9 different types of posts and you now have 45 different ideas for upcoming posts on your blog. Leave links to your posts below so we can all check out your handy work.


  1. Great ideas Krystal, I’m still working my way through those initial ideas as a new blogger and only posting weekly but these different approaches are a great way to break up the blogs into different styles to add more variety and interest

    1. Thanks Carrie. There’s no problem only posting once a week as long as you’re doing it consistently and your content is awesome. Your renovation looks like it would be so much work but so rewarding. Looking forward to seeing more progress pictures 🙂

  2. Thank You for taking your time writing this useful post for us. Now a days I am focusing on interviews post for my blog. Hoping for the best result! 🙂

    Best regards,

    Saqib Ahmad

    1. Interview posts are something I’ve been toying with – perhaps I should look a little closer at them. Thanks for your lovely comment.

  3. Thanks for the ideas! The problem with my new blog is that I haven’t really settled on a clear idea of which direction to take my posts and I think this broadness is making ideas difficult.

    1. The broadness can make ideas difficult but it can also give you so many avenues to go down until you find something that clicks. Embrace it and keep going – you never know when direction will present itself 🙂 Good Luck.

  4. This is really great. Thank you for the insight. As a new blogger, i’m looking for ways to create more traffic on my blog. I think these are very helpful tips to gain more followers/interest.

  5. I’m just learning how to blog and all that includes, so thank you for your post. However, I have one suggestion – check your spelling. For example – in this blog you spelled organizational – orgnaisational…to check words I’m not 100% confident in, I open up my dictionary on the phone….so glad I’ve done that – several times.


    1. Hi lovely,

      Thanks so much for picking up on my typo… sometimes I type way faster than my brain can keep up and alas have the occasional typo. You’ll also find I spell things a little differently around here – like mum instead of mom and organisational instead of organizational as I’m Australian.

      Good luck with your blogging endeavours! If there’s ever anything I can do to help please let me know!

      Krystal x

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