5 Day Pinterest Overhaul Challenge

It's no secret, I love Pinterest. But, is your Pinterest account actually working FOR you rather than just in the background? Take the challenge to overhaul your Pinterest account and see how little changes can make the biggest difference to your reach.

EPIC 14 Day Better Blog Challenge

Need some quick, actionable ways to improve your blog? Each challenge takes between 5 minutes and a few hours and each will help you improve your blog. Covering everything from Content, to Design, to Marketing and all in between.

Social Media 101

One of our most popular courses ever. This 4 week eCourse covers all the major social media channels - Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. This course is designed to not only teach you how to grow your social media following, but how to turn that following into real traffic to your site.

3 Day Blogging Goals Challenge

People who write down and review their goals have a significantly higher rate of achieving their goals than those who simply wing it. This isn't your average 'goal setting' tutorial. Instead I share my exact methods of goal setting for my blog and business.

3 Day Content Calendar Challenge

Sick of always creating content on the fly... not quite sure what's coming next and feeling like you're always behind? Over 3 days we will go through the process I use to FILL my calendar. Not just a few blog posts here and there but a whole years worth of content.