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Do you know how to manage your business after a breakup? While sinking into a tub of ice-cream is appealing, there are far more productive options for you. 

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Ending a relationship can be tough. Everything you knew to be ‘normal’ is now gone and you’re left with some elements of uncertainty, even if you’re the one who decided to break it off. We all handle our breakups differently, but having a plan on how you’re going to manage your business after a breakup can help reduce any negative impacts on your business.

While some of us want to hide in the corner eating ice cream out of a tub (have you met my friends Ben and Jerry??) while we binge watch Gossip Girl on Netflix, this may not be the best or most productive choice for our business.

Speaking from experience (I may have had a few breakups in my time…) there are a few ways to make sure your business not only survives after a breakup but succeeds as well.

1 – Put your new found ‘spare’ time to good use. 

You never realise how much time a relationship takes up until after a breakup. All of a sudden your weekends are free and you’re no longer stuck on the sidelines watching footy practice on Wednesday nights. While it’s tempting to use this time to catch up on every amazing TV show ever made, using this time to grow your business will be far more rewarding.

Using this new ‘spare’ time can be huge for your business. Perhaps there’s a new venture you’d been hoping to undergo, a new product you had wanted to create or even a new course you wanted to take but just didn’t have the time…. Well now you do.

Single life is brilliant for your business. And while I don’t advocate doing this for an extended period of time, but straight after a breakup it can be quite therapeutic to throw yourself into your work. Keep yourself distracted and focus on something that truly makes you happy. I’ve been there, and my business and my job kept me happy and excited after a breakup. (Just remember you can have a life outside of your business too.)

2 – Invest wisely. 

For some reason, we always seem to have more money when we are single. Have you ever noticed that? Using this extra cash for dinner dates with friends and holidays for yourself is a great idea, but it’s also a good chance for you to invest in your business too.

Using some of the extra cash you are accumulating to pay for upgrades to your business can mean the difference between ‘just doing alright’ and ‘absolutely smashing it’.

Hot investment ideas include eCourses and eBooks – anything that increases your knowledge and educates you, social media scheduling tools, upgrades to your mailing list provider, web designers for a fresh new look, a graphic designer for a new logo and design palette… the list is endless.

I would personally look at items with the highest return on investment (ROI). If you’ve always wanted to learn how to create information products, then take a course in that and sell info products. This course will pay for itself over and over once your items start selling. If your mailing list provider is working perfectly for you and the next ‘upgrade’ is going to cost you 5 times the amount you’re already paying then your money may be spent more wisely elsewhere.

Do you know how to manage your business after a breakup? While sinking into a tub of ice-cream is appealing, there are far more productive options for you.

3 – Date yourself.

Jump straight into a rebound relationship… with yourself. Dating yourself and getting back to knowing who you really are will be brilliant for your business.

Sometimes when we are in relationships we start to lose our own identity. Instead of being ‘Sarah’ you become ‘Sarah and Jack’. If you’ve been in a relationship for an extended period of time it can be difficult to work out who ‘Sarah’ is again. Dating yourself gives you the perfect opportunity to do this.

Think about it. What is dating all about? Getting to know someone… so do the same for yourself. Spend time alone, go out to dinner, out to the movies, find new hobbies that you like and ones you don’t.

Knowing yourself, knowing what you love, what motivates you, what excites you and what you are passionate about can ignite a fire within your business that is unstoppable. With this kind of clarity your business will move forward in leaps and bounds and your clients and readers will LOVE you for it.

4 – Create a new Blog and Business Plan. 

While business plans are supposed to be created objectively, when you’re an entrepreneur and solopreneur your business plan tends to reflect how much you’re able to put into your business – because you are the one who is going to be executing the plan.

When your circumstances change and you now have more time or more focus or a new direction, you need to create a new blog and business plan to reflect this.

No matter what, when we go through a breakup our views on things change. Sometimes it’s for the better and sometimes not so much. Use this time to create a dream plan for your business. Look at where you are now, and where you want to be and create a plan on how you’re going to get there.

While being in a supportive relationship can help build our businesses up, chances are if you’ve just gone through a breakup your relationship may not have been traveling too well and therefore not exactly the most supportive. Now that is no longer an issue, be your own biggest advocate, focus on all the amazing things you are capable of and outline you dreams for your business.

5 – Find more like minded people. 

There’s nothing better than surrounding yourself with people who just ‘get’ you. As bloggers and as entrepreneurs we can sometimes feel a little isolated from our friends and family. We want to talk about analytics programs, Pinterest strategies, content marketing, ecommerce platforms and conversion rates and they just politely nod and smile… It’s okay, we can’t expect everyone to understand our passion.

Which is why finding like minded people is a brilliant idea. There are tons of groups on Facebook for bloggers and entrepreneurs and many of which have local meet ups. If you can’t find any in your area, why not create your own?

Not only is this a great way to meet new people but will also help you develop brilliant ideas and maybe even learn something new about business and blogging.

6 – Keep your health in check, both physical and mental. 

This should be happening regardless of whether you’ve had a breakup or not… but a breakup is a good reminder. How many women do you know who’ve had a breakup and have then gone on ‘Operation Hot Bod’? They sign up to gym memberships, declare war on sugar and processed foods and start to really look after themselves again.

I believe this is such a healthy thing to do – not only for your physical health but for your mental health too. Taking on something that is purely for your own benefit and own gain is fantastic after a breakup.

Focus on what truly makes you happy and this can only be good for your business and your life.

And while it is so so so incredibly tempting to take to Facebook and vent about how horrible your ex is and all the nasty things he has done, this will achieve nothing. Literally nothing. You will not gain anything from it and it will only breed negativity. And quite frankly, with an amazing business and a rocking hot bod you’re working on you have no time for negativity.

Fill your days with positivity, possibilities and permission to have fun and be yourself.

How did you handle your business after a breakup? Did you do anything that you thought you could have done better or perhaps you were really proud of what you achieved afterwards? Share your experiences in the comments below.


  1. Great post. Sometimes its hard to feel motivated after a breakup. We wanna wallow in our sorrow and be alone for a while. I love the idea of dating yourself. Getting active and maybe joining the gym is a great way to get out the house and get moving. Plus you always feel great after a good workout

    1. This is so true – joining the gym is a great way to go and you surround yourself with happy motivated people by joining a gym too. Dating yourself is the best thing to do! At least you know who is going to be paying the bill at the end of dinner 🙂

  2. I love this post. It’s all incredibly familiar too :). I’m approaching two years of being single now and it’s only been in the last six or so I’ve found out who I really am. Dating myself has been the best experience. I’ve found my passions (sewing lingerie and blogging), I’ve found some new friends, I’ve got rid of some negative people from my life, I joined a gym (just recently actually) and I started getting my hair cut more frequently than once every six months.

    Getting back into life as yourself is hard after a breakup, but it really has taught me so much. I’d rather be single than with the wrong person (not that being single doesn’t frustrate me sometimes), I’ve learnt I don’t need anyone in my life, but I would like someone to share it with. I actually wrote a post about the things I leant while I’ve been single not too long ago, it’s one of my favourite posts cause I can see how much I’ve changed in the past two years. All for the better I hope 🙂

    1. Emma this all sounds so amazing – I am so glad you loved dating yourself. It’s a little odd to start with – I used to go to restaurants and say that I just wanted a table for one and would often get odd looks or people saying ‘just one??’ but I didn’t mind. I learned to enjoy my own company which is the greatest thing of all. I’m so excited for you to have found your passions – sewing lingerie sounds incredible. Congratulations on taking hold of your life and I wish you so much happiness. xo

  3. This is good motivation, thank you for writing this! It’s so complicated because my ex and I were running our blog/etsy together, now it’s kinda of a mess.

    But I love all these tips. I really want to make my business great! 🙂

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