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Hi there!!! Thanks so much for stopping by! I’m Krystal and I love exclamation marks!!!


The Daily Femme is my little hub where I combine two of my passions: writing and business.

I originally started this blog back in 2014 and called it “Perfect Enough For Us”. I wanted to have a place where women could come and realise that no matter what was happening in their lives, as long as they were happy then life could be perfect enough.

Then I realised I wasn’t exactly happy with that idea anymore. And I started talking more about how women could create their perfect lives. To take action and go after what it is they wanted.

The response was amazing. This is what resonated with women – they loved the idea that they can take control of their life – and I’m sure you love the idea too.

I started integrating more of the business side of things too because I didn’t want women to feel like they had to choose between having a business they loved or a family they wanted to spend time with.

And even more importantly I didn’t want women to feel like having a business would mean they would lose their own sense of self – who they were, what they loved and being able to have some down time without feeling guilty.

‘Perfect Enough For Us’ wasn’t perfect enough for me anymore and so The Daily Femme came to be.

A place for Entrepreneurial Lady Bosses to find their tribe, to learn all about business and blogging and how to ensure you can still have a life outside of your own enterprise.

But what do I know?

While I may be a Paramedic in my day job now, I have a long history of business management – starting from when I was just 16 years old, working full time as a manager at McDonalds while still completing year 12 at school (I was the youngest manager in the country!!). That was my first taste of business management and I was hooked.

Since then I’ve held several managerial positions (including a jewellery store… oh the diamonds!!!), been part of the start up of businesses for others and have had a handful of my own small business ventures.

I took a break from business management for a few years while studying to become a Paramedic, but I always felt the longing for more. While I loved the work I was doing, it left a big entrepreneurial sized gap in my life.

Which is how I found myself back here – loving being part of the business world again and absolutely thrilled to be helping others find their way.

I’m always, always up for a chat (I love talking, almost as much as I love exclamation marks!!!!) so feel free to drop me a line, as me any questions you want or simply say hi. Email, Tweet, Facebook – find me anyway you want.



  1. I am in Love with your blog!!! And I also love the exclamation mark, lol. so we have something in common. Plus I think I have found a role model in my blogging career. Well done dearie!!!

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