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My Dear Sweet Little Man,

My gosh how you have grown. I swear it was only yesterday that I held your precious little body cradled in my arms as I met you for the first time. That was almost two years ago now and you have taught me so much about life since then…

You see, I had always thought it was supposed to be me that taught you how to live but sweetheart I have never been so far off. We navigated through the last few years together, sometimes stumbling, sometimes in tears (both yours and mine) but always you and I, together.

Before you even entered the world you were already a fighter – just ask my ribs! You were so strong and so determined. I watched my tummy swell as you grew, spoke with doctors and surgeons about what was going to happen when you were born and cried for you every single day. I read stories to you, we listened to music and I talked to you all the time – I had a love for you more fierce than I could have ever imagined.

A Letter To My Son On Mother's Day - my sweet little boy who has shown me more about life and love than I ever could have imagined.

As soon as you were born my world changed – my life had new meaning and my purpose was just for you. I sat by your side as you showed the nurses and doctors time and time again just how strong and determined you were. You’ve never done anything on anyone else’s schedule and your time in NICU was no exception to this (remind me to tell you about how you extubated yourself… twice… and pulled your central line out).

I watch you each and every day as you grow into a little man. I love the way you see the world – everything is an adventure and you still don’t slow down for anyone. You don’t let the little things frustrate you and when you get yourself into a pickle or something gets stuck, your brilliant little mind starts working out ways to fix it. You are incredible.

As you grow I see that you need me a little less each day. You are more determined to do things on your own – trying to dress yourself and put your shoes on… When I ask if you want some help you’ll often say ‘no thanks mum’ with that little determined look on your face.

But then there are times when the world is just too much, when things become a little overwhelming, when you’re frustrated, sad, upset and you seek me out. ‘Mummy… where are you?’ I hear you call as you look for me.

My sweet boy, while there may be times when I hide out just so I can finish my cup of tea while it is still hot, I will always be here for you. My arms will always be ready to give you that cuddle you need. I will always be here to kiss your ‘ouch’ 10 times. And if you ask me to sit with you at night just so you can go to sleep then I promise that is what I will do.

My sweet little boy, mummy loves you more than you will ever know. I love every minute I spend with you and I even miss you when you go to sleep at night – wishing we could play just a little longer.

You are my sweet little love, the light of my life and my whole world.

Love always and forever,