9 Hidden Time Opportunities To Work On Your Business

Don't you wish you had more time to work on your business? Sadly we can't add more hours to our day but we can make the most of the pockets of time we have.

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We always wish we had more time. And no matter how many times you hear ‘we all have 24 hours in a day’ if you’re anything like me you wish for just those few extra hours to be able to indulge in those things that make you excited and happy.

One of those things is my business. I love working on my business. I love growing it and I especially love learning new things. I could spend all day working on it and it still wouldn’t be enough.

But… since we can’t change time (seriously… someone needs to do something about that) we can only make the most of the time we are given. So I use little hidden time opportunities to work on my business.

Working in these little bursts is actually quite effective and you’d be amazed at how much more you can get done in a day by capitalising on these little pockets of gold!

In line waiting for your coffee (Social Media Interactions)

How often do you buy your coffee? And how long do you wait to get it? Over a few days this could easily add up to a fair chunk of time. Use this time to get chatting on social media. Chances are you’re scrolling around Facebook anyway – make the time productive and interact with others.

Comment on posts, share other’s posts, comment on Instagram, tweet and retweet. You’ll be able to get a fair amount of interacting done in 10 minutes and it can help you grow your tribe.

Doing your hair and makeup of a morning (Podcasts)

Maybe you’re a 10 minute make up ninja or maybe you’re like me and take about half an hour just to figure out how to tame your hair enough to look semi-presentable. Either way, this is a great opportunity to work on your business.

I’m a little bit of a podcast addict. Okay… a major podcast addict. Listening to them first thing of a morning gets me fired up! Especially if you choose your podcasts according to your moods.

My morning faves are ones that focus on my mindset. My current love is Denise Duffield Thomas from Lucky Bitch. Her podcasts are brilliant for giving yourself the metaphorical kick up the butt while being full of fantastic information.

They are also relatively bite sized so you can listen to a few if you take longer to get ready or just one if you’re a 10 minute make up ninja.

Lunch Break at Work (Podcasts, Social Media Interactions, Research, Education)

Depending on your work, your lunch break can present a whole heap of opportunities for business growth. Some are lucky enough to get an hour lunch break, other’s only half an hour (and some don’t get a lunch break at all) but if you have any amount of time you can use it.

If you’re lucky enough to have a good chunk of time, this can be an incredibly productive exercise. I know of bloggers that use their lunchtimes at work to write their blog posts as they find it gives them a strict timeframe to completely focus.

You can also use this time to read other blogs, research for your own posts or even read eBooks. We can access so much on our phones that there’s no excuse for wasted time.

Don't you wish you had more time to work on your business? Sadly we can't add more hours to our day but we can make the most of the pockets of time we have.

At the gym or while exercising (Podcasts)

You might be one of those people that absolutely must listen to music when they work out… but if you’re not, this can be the perfect time to listen to some of the longer podcasts on your list. You can even set your workout timing to them (treadmill for 1 podcast, weights for 1 podcast…).

I love listening to podcasts while I’m walking and I actually find that I take in more information when I’m doing this. Exercise already gets our creativity flowing, team that with an input of information and we have a situation that can harbour some brilliant ideas.

I usually reserve my longer podcasts (45 min and over) for this time.

While prepping dinner (Podcasts or Webinars)

Multi tasking is possible… it really is. I love cooking dinner but get frustrated at how long it can take sometimes. To combat that, I pop my laptop on the kitchen bench and either listen/watch a webinar or a podcast.

There’s a fair amount of video based information in the courses I have undertaken and am currently enrolled in, so I use this time to keep up with them. It also gives me ideas for what I need to look at after my son is in bed and I have my ‘alone’ time at night to work.

While watching your favourite TV show (Schedule Social Media Posts)

A lot of people will argue that TV time is wasted time and to some extent I do agree. However, I have one or two show’s that I love to watch and it’s my time out. I get to zone out and just relax. But… ads are time wasted. So I make sure I do something during that time.

Usually I use this time to schedule out social media posts. I use Buffer (which is awesome) so I can spend my time on Facebook looking through and when I find something I want to share I add it to my Buffer queue.

After my hour long favourite show is over I have a ton of social media scheduled for the next few days and can easily move it around as I need to.

While grocery shopping (Podcasts)

I mega loathe grocery shopping. If I could I would do all of my grocery shopping online and have it delivered. Actually – I’d hire a chef. Yeah, wouldn’t that be awesome… But I can’t. So I have to keep going grocery shopping.

Which means I am one of those people that you probably get frustrated at for wearing my headphones while walking the aisles… but I don’t mind because I am using my time to learn as much as I can and grow my business.

Cleaning the house (Podcasts or Webinars)

Who likes cleaning their house? No? Yeah me neither, but I do make the most of the time by listening to podcasts or watching webinars while I’m doing it.

My latest habit has been to watch webinars or workshops while ironing. Ironing is boring and between Steve and I we go through 8 shirts and 8 pairs of pants for work each week. So there’s a fair amount of ironing to do. Watching a webinar makes it a little more bearable.

I have had to keep a notebook handy though because I usually end up with a ton of ideas as I go.

During your work commute (Podcasts or Social Media)

Rather than catching up on all the latest gossip on Facebook, you could use your morning commute to interact with your followers on Social Media (if you use public transport) or listen to podcasts.

You could even choose to purchase audiobook versions of the books you buy so you can listen to them on the way to work. For some people this can add up to hours each day – such a perfect opportunity to work on your business.

Do you use any of these time hacks to work on your business? Maybe you have a few of your own? Let me know in the comments below – I’d love to hear from you. And be sure to share this post to your favourite social media site – you never know who might be in need of a little time hacking inspiration.


  1. I sneak time in constantly! But probably spend far too much time on social media, so I need to get more efficient and cut that back a bit. I’m getting more and more into podcasts… Great for in the car. Any other recommendations?

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