5 Ways To Fall In Love With Your Blog

Sometimes we get ourselves into a blogging rut and find ourselves falling out of love with our blog. Use these tips to fall in love with your blog again.

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Do you know the feeling where you’ve looked at something so many times you’re not even sure you like it anymore? Or when you really want to write something but as soon as you sit down to write, nothing comes to mind. Or when you feel like you have to get a post out there because it’s been too long since your last one. You know that feeling when you just getting into a blogging funk and you’re not quite sure how to get out.

Stress less my friends because here’s a wonderful list of 5 ways to fall in love with your blog again!

Sometimes we get ourselves into a blogging rut and find ourselves falling out of love with our blog. Use these tips to fall in love with your blog again.

1 – Freshen Up!

Is your colour scheme a little old and drab? Are you still using Comic Sans or Times New Roman font? Is your sidebar a little too cluttered? Take this opportunity to give your blog a fresh look by making a few small changes and you’ll be amazed at how much more inviting it can be, to both your readers and yourself.

2 – Get a whole new look.

If a simple freshening up isn’t enough, try a whole new look with a new theme. My favourites are the Studiopress themes that run on the Genesis Framework. They are incredibly easy to use, search engine optimised, mobile friendly and look gorgeous.

You may need to shell over some cash to get the look you want but I assure you, it is worth every cent.

After I moved over to the Genesis Framework I started loving my blog in new ways!! It was easy to change up the design (as I have recently done) and even as a basic theme with no modifications, it looks fantastic.

3 – Take a break.

Now, I’m not talking about taking a break altogether and just letting your blog fall by the wayside. Organise a few guest posts and schedule them in advance, do what you would normally do to promote them and keep your blog ticking along.

This will give you the opportunity to free yourself up to write whatever you want, without being worried about timeframes and deadlines. Just take time to write.

Sometimes a little freedom of expression can get the creative juices flowing and you never know, you might come up with something brilliant and fall in love with your blog all over again.

4 – Get Inspired.

Where do I go when I need a hit of inspiration and blog love? I head over to Pinterest and start following, reading and researching. Pinterest is like a bloggers love affair. It has everything you could ever want and makes you want more than you could ever need.

I particularly love it for blogging inspiration. I have joined many collaborative boards for bloggers and I use these to find new blogs to follow as well as look at their sites and find features I like, ones that I don’t think will work on my site and blogging ‘must haves’.

It’s a great way to inspire that freshening up (point 1 ^^) as well as give you inspiration for posts, features and new topics to introduce into your blog. Spend a few hours with pen and paper by your side and get inspired!!

5 – Ask for feedback.

From friends, from family, from readers… ask for feedback on your site design, on your content, on your writing, on your topics. As what topics they’d like to see covered. Ask, ask, ask. After all, as much as blogging is for our own self-satisfaction, it is also good to give your readers what they want and what they like.

In addition, the positive responses will make you feel great about what you’re doing and charge you up again, and the feedback for improvements will inspire you to move things forward and get things going!! Win/win!!

So don’t let the lack of blog love get you down. Use the tips above to inspire you, motivate you and help you to fall in love with your blog again.

What do you do when you get into a bloggy funk? What helps you fall in love with your blog again? Leave your comments below!


    1. Clean out your wardrobe?? You’re supposed to do that? Haha. Sometimes I like my posts even more when I read them later on down the track. I’m glad you’re loving your posts again 🙂

  1. Great advice! I need to take a bit of time to reconnect with my blog – sometimes it’s a week or more between posts and that just feels like too long. Luckily I’ve got a chlid free day coming up to spend some time on it!

    1. Yay for the child free day!! Woohoo!!! What are your plans…? Do you have a favourite cafe that you escape to or do you have somewhere else you go to focus on time to yourself?

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