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How To Make 2017 The Best Year For Your Business

At the start of each year we set out our big goals... but if you actually want to achieve them and make 2017 the best year for your business you need these workbooks. They are seriously incredible - click through to read why you need them in your business.

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I’m not usually one to make broad sweeping statements but for this I’ll make an exception. These workbooks, without a doubt, helped me to take my blog from hobby to full time business in 2016. For real. And you bet your sweet hiney I’ll be using them again in 2017 (in fact I already have them ready and waiting) and I know they are the secret sauce to making 2017 the best year for your business.

So what on earth am I talking about?

The Leonie Dawson Shining Biz Workbooks of course (said with a kind of jovial dance you see on broadway!!)

You may have heard of them before, she has sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide and for a good reason. They are incredible!

Last year my gorgeous friend Tash and I took some time out from our crazy lives to go and stay at a hotel by the beach and work on our plans for the year. I’m excited that this is now becoming a yearly ritual, and it is completely centred around these books.

To be honest I was quite hesitant at first. I’m not the most ‘woo woo’ person (okay I’m a little woo woo) and Leonie is a gorgeous earth loving hippie, and I thought they would just be more of a tree hugging kind of book (I know, I know… so judgemental!!), boy was I wrong! But instead of me just raving about them, here’s what makes them so special:


Did you know that the people who consistently achieve their goals are the ones who write them down and review them on a regular basis? I thought this was just one of those motivational things people say in order to get you to buy their planners and products… and then I actually did it and oh my shiz it is amazing.

Want to know the best part? I didn’t even realise I was doing it. As I mentioned Tash and I spent time working on our biz books at the start of the year, but I barely touched them for a long time after that. Like not at all until August. But you know what? When I went through and reviewed the goals I had set out I had achieved more than half of them!

All because I set the intention at the start of the year and I knew what I wanted to focus on. I KNOW if I had spent more time reviewing my goals I would have achieved them a lot faster too!

This biz workbook allows you to focus on so many different aspects of your business, from vanity metrics like social media followers, how you plan to educate yourself for the year right through to your income goals.

At the start of each year we set out our big goals... but if you actually want to achieve them and make 2017 the best year for your business you need these workbooks. They are seriously incredible - click through to read why you need them in your business.


You know how when you’re working away in your business and you can get a little tunnel visioned. Like when you’re obsessing over hitting that next follower level on Instagram or tunnelling into a launch or being obsessed with creating more and more blog posts, and you kind of lose perspective of the bigger picture?

This workbook gives you that perspective.

Leonie is kind of a business genius. She took her business to a 7 figure income before hiring anyone to help her, which means she knows how many working parts there are within a business and how darn crazy it can be to try and keep all of them functioning properly.

Because this workbook covers so many aspects of your business, it helps you keep out of that tunnel vision mode and focus on the big picture.


One of my most favourite things about the Biz Workbooks is that it gives you permission do so many things that I know you hesitate doing. And I know this because I still hesitate too. This includes things like self-care, investing in your business and investing in yourself and your own education.

I know it seems a little trivial to seek permission from a workbook, but it’s more about having that reassurance that these things are vital to the success of your business.

To add to the awesomeness (and accountability) there is also an amazing Facebook group filled with over 17k workbookers who love these workbooks and are super active in the group too. So many different walks of life, so many different perspectives and so much love and support. Really, it is incredible.

I even recorded a video of me opening the box when they arrived! I was literally that excited!

So if you’re ready to take your business and make it freaking amazing, I know these workbooks will help you make 2017 the best year for your business.

What do you currently use to plan for your business? I’d love to know.

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