11 Places To Find Inspiration

Inspiration comes in many forms and sometimes it's hard to work out where to find inspiration. Here's a list of 11 places you may not have thought of...

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When coming up with ideas for posts, ideas for where you want to take your blog, ideas for design and details or ideas for business concepts, it’s almost impossible to do any of these without some serious inspiration. Inspiration comes in many shapes, sizes and formats. Without it we find it difficult to accomplish even the simplest tasks, but with just the right amount (you can never have too much) anything is possible.

The problem is, sometimes it’s difficult to find inspiration. It hides. Retreats. Feeling uninspired is not a very creative place to be in.

Over the years I’ve found that there are times where you just have to go out and find inspiration yourself – it doesn’t always just come to you.

So to help you out, I’m sharing with you my 11 (favourite) places to find inspiration.

Inspiration comes in many forms and sometimes it's hard to work out where to find inspiration. Here's a list of 11 places you may not have thought of...

1 – The yoga studio

This is definitely one of my favourites but unfortunately, least used. When practicing yoga you are encouraged to clear you mind, free yourself from thought processes and just focus on your breathing. Forcing yourself to slow down and just focus on something simple like breathing can be so freeing for your mind that after your session, the creativity and ideas will come in droves.

2 – Go for a drive

I love driving. I love the freedom of it, the possibility of where you could go (even if you have a destination) and I love it even more when I just get to drive on my own. I think of the craziest things when I’m driving and I’ve had some of my best business and blog ideas come to me when driving.

3 – Read a magazine

Want to know what topics are trending at the moment? Magazines are full of content that people are willing to pay to read. Reading an article about healthy living may inspire you to write a post about what healthy means to you… It’s all about taking a core idea and coming up with your unique perspective.

4 – Go for a walk

Endorphins are such wonderful little hormones!! Exercise creates endorphins, which in turn elevates our mood and makes us happy. In addition, the release of adrenaline when your heart rate rises gives us the ability to think faster and more clearly. If that’s not enough, while walking allow your thoughts to wander to whatever you fancy and see where your creative mind takes you.

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5 – People watch

Oh how I love people watching. Find your favourite café, sit down with a coffee and a lovely cupcake and just observe. Pay particular attention to how people interact with each other, what they are doing and how they are going about their business. If you’re a fashion blogger perhaps you’ll find a post idea about how stay at home mum’s can make themselves feel fantastic with a few core pieces, if you’re a lifestyle blogger you might find a post idea about the importance of catching up with your girlfriends and if you’re a health and wellness blogger perhaps you’ll find inspiration for a blog post about how to choose healthy items on the menu at your local café.

6 – Read other blogs

For similar reasons as to why you should read magazines, other blogs are full of topics that are popular and relevant right now. Find a few big blogs that you enjoy reading yourself and start reading their posts. I often find that the simple act of reading posts can inspire me to write for myself. Ensure you put your own unique spin on an idea, and a core idea at that. Taking someone else’s idea and rewording it is not finding inspiration, it’s copying. You need to use your own unique voice to share your opinions and views.

7 – Ask your friends, family and readers

Who better to be inspired by than the people you are writing for? Ask what it is that they want to read? What topics are they interested in? What problems do they have that you can solve?

8 – Listen to music

Again, this is another way for you to free up your mind and stop overthinking. Relax with a cup of tea to some soothing sounds or dance yourself silly to some upbeat fun music.

9 – Forums

Want to know the topics people talk most about in your niche? Check out the posts in a forum that is appropriate for your niche and go from there. Perhaps a question keeps getting asked that you can answer in depth. Forums are a great place to find information about what topics are important to your niche and can also be a great platform for you to ask potential readers questions.

10 – Google it

Stuck for a topic? Take one of your main categories (parenting for example) and type it into Google. Before you hit enter, see what predicted searches come up. When I type in parenting Google shows me parenting styles, parenting ideas, parenting Australia, parenting tips – and that just the start. From here you can read more about these topics and you might just have a brilliant post idea come to mind.

11 – Previous Posts

Have an old post that could do with a revamp? Perhaps you’ve learned more about a topic you spoke about previously and could add a ‘part 2’ to the post. Old posts are the perfect opportunity to refresh and remarket and drive more traffic to your site. I simply created a new image and a few extra bits and pieces to an old post, remarketed it and more than tripled its original views.

Inspiration comes in so many forms – it’s always good to keep in mind what works for you when it comes to inspiration and use that to your advantage.


  1. Great list! I am currently over-hauling my blog and taking it in a new direction. I finally feel like I am finding its purpose. However, I don’t always feel I have enough content ideas for consistent writing. I think going for a walk is the best one. Sometimes I get stuck at the computer too long. Taking a break and going for a walk always gets the juices flowin’. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

    1. You’re welcome Halee!! It’s good to hear that going for a walk helps others too – the change of scenery and getting out with nature always gives a different perspective. xo

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