5 Blogging Tools To Help You Grow Your Email List

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We all know that growing our email list is important, but have you seen how many tools are out there claiming they will help you 'double your list'? It is overwhelming! So, tried and tested, here are the tools that will actually help you grow your email list - no fluff, straight to the point.

Anyone who is anyone will tell you how important it is for you to grow your email list as a blogger. It’s the only ‘following’ you have any ownership over and can help you ride out any Facebook algorithm change or Pinterest smart feed shake-up. Therefore growing your email list should be a high priority – and of course, there … Read More

8 Ways To Capture Leads (That Don’t Involve PopUps)

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With Google's new view on popups are you freaking out about ways to capture leads? Don't stress! I've got your back with 8 ways for leads to love you today.

This week Google announced a new stance it will be taking on SEO rankings and the role popups will play from January 2017. Essentially the crux of it is that people don’t like popups on mobile, and Google wants to please people. Because of this, sites using invasive popups will soon be penalised by Google. (BTW, most popups are considered … Read More

Why I Deleted A Third Of My Email List

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There's so much emphasis on growing your list getting more subscribers. But I promise, there is a good reason why I deleted a third of my email list.

How big is your email list? Does it really matter? There’s always talk about the number – the number of subscribers on your list. And a large amount of the focus is directed towards increasing that number and making the subscriber number the highest it can be. Which is the reason I wanted to explain why I deleted a third … Read More

Setting Up an Opt-In With ConvertKit

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ConvertKit is the new kid on the block. With a ton of features to make you swoon I thought I'd share the basics of setting up an opt-in with ConvertKit

It’s no secret I’m a massive fan of ConvertKit. Since I switched to ConvertKit from MailChimp my list has increased not only in size but in quality too. ConvertKit is the new kid on the block that packs a hell of a punch when it comes to usability and features and continues to develop and grow all the time. One … Read More