21 Pinterest Trends You Need To Pay Attention To

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Pinterest is becoming more and more popular and staying on top of Pinterest trends can help make you a leader in your niche - here's the upcoming trends to watch! Be sure to repin these Pinterest trends, relevant to your audience, to see an increase in your Pinterest reach.

Pinterest is trending up, in just about every way possible. It’s pretty much the love child between Google and Instagram, with it’s eclectic mix of pins, Pinterest appeals to literally everyone. (Big call, and I’m sticking by it). Even the number of men on Pinterest has tripled in the last year. That’s huge. I’ve been pouring over the release of … Read More

Break This One Pinterest Rule To See Your Traffic Increase

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When it comes to increasing your traffic there's all kinds of rules to follow - but breaking this one Pinterest rule increased my traffic significantly, far more than I ever thought possible.

It’s no secret… I LOVE Pinterest. And over the years I have heard (and even shared) just about every Pinterest rule imaginable. While some of these ‘rules’ are still super important (seriously guys, vertical pins – just do it) there’s one Pinterest rule I’m so glad I’ve broken… repeatedly. I’m talking about the size of your pins. Yes ladies (and … Read More

10 Top Business Podcasts You Need To Be Listening To

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Listening to business podcasts is one of my favourite ways to feel like I'm working and getting things done when I can't work otherwise. Here's my top 10 business podcasts you really, really should be listening to, as well as a free playlist download. Hell yeah!

Podcasts are certainly on the rise and as they become more and more popular, there is such an incredibly array of amazing podcasters who share super valuable information week in and week out. I spend quite a bit of time travelling and I’m also the kind of person who can’t stand not doing something so business podcasts are a great … Read More

3 Essential Things Your Pinterest Graphics Need

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3 Essential Things Your Pinterest Graphics Need - Gorgeous Imagery, An Easy To Read Stellar Headline and Consistent Branding. Using these 3 elements in the right way will ensure your posts are pinned over and over again - click through to find out how to make this work for you.

I LOVE Pinterest. Like really love Pinterest. To say I’m obsessed is an understatement. And the one thing I love more than Pinterest is talking about Pinterest and teaching people how to make Pinterest work for them, especially when it comes to creating beautiful Pinterest graphics. Over the last 12 months I have been conducting a number of experiments on … Read More

How To Make 2017 The Best Year For Your Business

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At the start of each year we set out our big goals... but if you actually want to achieve them and make 2017 the best year for your business you need these workbooks. They are seriously incredible - click through to read why you need them in your business.

I’m not usually one to make broad sweeping statements but for this I’ll make an exception. These workbooks, without a doubt, helped me to take my blog from hobby to full time business in 2016. For real. And you bet your sweet hiney I’ll be using them again in 2017 (in fact I already have them ready and waiting) and … Read More

How To Prepare Your Blog For The Christmas Holiday

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Have you started to prepare your blog for the Christmas holiday? Stressed about how much content you need to create or social media posts you need to share? These are a few things you can do to make this time less stressful and more enjoyable.

I freaking love Christmas. Like looooooove Christmas. From the moment I see the decorations on the shelves of the department stores (in like September!!) right through to basting that Christmas ham, I love every bit of it. But, it can become a little stressful in the blogging world. Especially when you have so many festivities to get to and you’re … Read More