How To Start A Blog That Stands Out From The Rest

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When you search for 'how to start a blog' you're bombarded with quick tutorials. Not here. This shows you every thing, and gives you a free course too!

If there was one question I get asked time and time again, it’s ‘how do I start a blog?’ Really, the answer can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. And there are a whole bunch of ‘how to start a blog’ posts out there, but they all seem to be the same. Designed to … Read More

Top 10 Gorgeous WordPress Themes for Serious Bloggers

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Finding the right theme for your site can be stressful and time consuming, so I'm sharing with you my short list of gorgeous Wordpress themes you'll love and can personalise to make your own. Click through to see my short list.

I literally could not count the total number of hours I have spent over the years searching for the ‘perfect’ theme. Don’t even get me started on the number of themes I own (let’s just say it’s a lot more than this list contains…). For a long time I searched for a theme that looked both professional but also allowed … Read More

Should You Write Content For Free?

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So often we see people saying you should never write content for free, but is it really that simple? Here's how it could benefit you and your business, it may surprise you to know there's more in it than just 'exposure'.

This is a question I see asked in blogging groups time and time again. Should you write content for free or for ‘exposure’? Unfortunately, it’s often met with a big ‘no’ by the blogging tribes. Arguments for ‘your time is too valuable’ to ‘you should be paid for all the work you do’ are repeated over and over again until … Read More

The Last WordPress Theme You’ll Ever Need – X Theme

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Finding the right theme that does everything you want it to do and looks amazing is difficult. X Theme is the last WordPress theme you'll ever need! Not only is it incredibly easy to use, but it is super customizable and powerful to boot! Check out the 'behind the scenes' look at X Theme.

Over the last few years of blogging, I’ve become quite addicted to finding the ‘perfect’ theme. I have purchased just about every highly recommended theme, I’ve use the Genesis Framework, paid for themes to be customised for me and have always been in search of a theme that just works. And then I found X. I was in theme lovers … Read More